Friday, January 11, 2013

Laying it all out there

Wow, have I been a terrible blogger lately {or the past year. whatever.} or what!? Quite honestly I have just really had a difficult time fitting blogging into my life since I became Mommy 19 months ago. Which is pretty ironic since all the time that I blogged before I had Ella Grace, I dreamed of blogging about my baby, our days together, monthly updates, etc. You know, all the "Mommy blogger" stuff.

Well, needless to say, I have failed terribly at that. Since giving birth to my firstborn, I have struggled with time management. BIG time. Especially after returning to work full-time working night shift as an RN while also keeping Ella Grace at home with me during the days. I just could not justify sitting at the computer when I had a new baby to love on, nurse, and care for while also trying to keep up with my usual household chores and wifely duties. I tried over and over to pick it back up, but could just never keep it up regularly.

Fast forward to now. My, how things have changed. My baby is a full-blown toddler well on her way to being 2 YEARS OLD (how on earth!?) AND will become a BIG sister in less than 3 months!!! I have also gone from working full-time to part-time and now I have recently become a SAHM. Becoming a SAHM has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Even though I have always worked since a young age, and I am pretty ambitious when it comes to developing a successful career, I have ALWAYS known that given the opportunity, I would absolutely stay at home with my children. I have been at home now for about 2 months and I have LOVED every minute of it. However, and this is where I start "laying it all out there" as the post title suggests...I feel like I am falling very short as a SAHM! I have SO many things I want to do. Need to do. But I just seem to piddle my time away. And it that is SO frustrating to me. Here again, I am being reminded of what a horrible time manager I am. And that is very humbling.

So, what is all this rambling leading up to, you ask? Well, I have gone back and forth for a LONG time about whether to give up blogging all together or not. And this is what I have decided. I want to begin blogging again. But this time, my reason is evolving. I began blogging to document our lives, our journey together, first as a couple and now as a family. And that still holds true, but I now realize I also want to blog for ME. I want an outlet. I want to connect with other Moms. I want somewhere to turn for support, to gain insight and ideas, and to hold me accountable for being the BEST wife and Mommy that I can be. All of us mommies are in this together, and I want to share this journey with you all.

Now, I am most definitely not promising these awesome, exciting daily blog posts. Because honestly, I am not that awesome or exciting. Truth be told, I do not even know what my next blog post will be about, BUT I needed to start somewhere. And here it is.