Sunday, October 28, 2012

Play Date With Our Besties

Yesterday, Ella Grace and I took a mini road trip to have a play date with our best friends : ) Tara and I were roommates in college and have continued to keep in touch over the years even though we live in different states. She is one of my BESTEST friends and I am SO glad we have stayed in contact! Ella Grace and Leighton are only about 6 weeks apart so I feel confident they will grow up to be best friends also : )

We met at a children's museum where the girls kept us running constantly, ha! It was lots of fun though. Even though our little ones kept us on our toes the whole time, we still got in some good Mommy chat which was SO nice!!!

After the museum, we had lunch and then took the girls to a park to play. I know EG and Leighton had fun! They ran around with each other, smiled, laughed, and hugged and kissed on each other. So. Very. Sweet.

The downtown area where the museum was located had the most beautiful autumn-colored trees and fallen leaves all over the sidewalk. It was the PERFECT place for pictures, but of course it is pretty impossible to take pictures of my child alone and it was right by the street. So, I couldn't really make full attempt at taking pictures, but I did snap a few. Naturally, EG wouldn't look my way at all but they are still cute pictures nonetheless.

We really had such a GREAT time! Ella Grace was exhausted so I know she had fun with her bestie : )  Hopefully, we can do it again, sooner rather than later!