Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10 Months Old!

Ella Grace,

Whoa. You are in the double digits now! I can't believe you are 10 months old. A mere 2 months until you are 1 YEAR. Whaaat!?!? I have to admit though, this age is pretty awesome : ) You are so so fun. And totally into everything. But it's cool because you're cool. We have so much fun together. You really enjoy anything. You are so "easy-going." Just one of the many, MANY things I love about you! This was an exciting month for you. You started doing all sorts of new things like waving, saying "bye-bye", and you even took your first steps...to Mommy! YAY! And, you got your ears pierced, which you can read about HERE. You also met two baby friends that I hope you grow to love as much as your Mommy loves their Mommies : ) I have noticed at church or just out in public that you really enjoy being around other children. You are totally a people watcher and you just crack me up with your expressions and stares you give some people. Although we really do need to work on your staring problem. You can 100% definitely blame that trait on your Daddy. He is the same exact way! Speaking of your Daddy, you look just. like. him. Which is great! Wonderful in fact because obviously he is a very handsome guy, but unfortunately you don't even look like you are related to me. Ha! Oh well. That's totally okay with me : ) You continue to be a busy, busy little girl. It is pretty much impossible to snap your monthly pictures these days. It proves to be a great challenge for Mommy, always ending with my heart rate up and sweating! Even though you run me to death all day, every day I would not change it for anything in the world! We love you sweet girl and I thank God every day He chose me to be your Mommy!

10 Month Stats

Weight:  20 pounds 5 ounces

Length: 28 1/2 inches 

Clothes size:  9 months and 12 months

Diaper size:  4

Daily Routine: You are still waking up around 7 A.M. You nurse right after waking up, then play and lay around in bed with Mommy and Daddy for about an hour. You usually share Mommy's breakfast with her, then lay day for your morning nap around 9-9:30. After waking from your morning nap, you nurse again then we either play or run errands, depending on what day it is. After a small snack/lunch you go down for your second nap around 2:00 P.M. After your afternoon nap, we are just usually hanging around the house, cleaning and cooking dinner. You are starting to stay up a little later now, until about 6:30-7:00 P.M. 

Feeding: You still nurse about 4 times a day. Once right after waking, twice during the day (although not for long) and once again at bedtime. I cannot think of any new foods you have tried this month. I am positive that you have, but I'm old and can't remember. But you still continue to eat great! The only thing you have not been crazy about is lasagna. Which completely shocked me because you love pasta and you love tomato sauce. I think it may have just been a mood. We will try it again sometime. Some of your favorites continue to be cheese (of course!), bread, pasta, sweet potatoes, carrots, and chicken. 

Sleep: Still sleeping like an angel, around 12 hours a night! Thank you!!!

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye color:  Light brown

Milestones: Daddy has been teaching you to wave "bye-bye" for a little while now and you finally did! YAY! He was so proud : ) You also starting saying "bye-bye"! Mommy and Daddy took you to get your ears pierced and th big huge milestone for this month though...YOU TOOK YOUR FIRST STEPS! You took your first two independent steps to Mommy while we were playing in your room! I was so excited I screamed, ha! It was very cute : )

Your favorite toy: Your most favorite activity at this time is emptying out our kitchen cabinets! You LOVE it and you do it multiple times a day. Every single day. It makes a pretty big mess, but it allows me  a few minutes to cook dinner and I also feel like you learn so much exploring on your own. You love to take out all the bowls and fit them into one another and stack them. And you continue to empty dresser drawers every day too (pictured below). You also love to read books and take rides in your wagon. Actually you LOVE doing anything outside! 

10 Month Pictures