Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beautiful Days

Not much going on around here lately. We are still having gorgeous weather here in Alabama so we have been spending lots of time outside lately. We love it! I try to get outside with EG every day whether it be the park, zoo, our neighborhood, or just the backyard. Ella Grace loves it outside! It makes her happy which makes me happy : )

But, I just feel the need to point our how jealous I am of my 10 month old's beautiful skin. We sat outside in the yard Sunday and played for about 30 minutes. I had EG pretty well covered (considering the 86 degree weather) and wearing a hat to protect her head and face. She gets a cute little tan. And I...get a little burned. What's up with that!? Seriously though, I am so glad she was blessed with her Daddy's beautiful complexion! She's gonna have a killer tan by the end of summer!

It's that fun time of year when we begin working on our yard : ) Mikey is having to do some not-so-fun digging in the back yard to try to fix a little flooding issue we have, but hopefully this weekend we will be outside doing fun stuff like planting pretty flowers and dragging out exciting stuff like a baby pool and fun sprinklers! YAY! Also, this year I think I am finally going to be super brave and plant me a small garden. We are going to ignore the fact that I pretty much can kill a fake plant, but I am going to try anyway. Have a little faith, right!?

Lastly, tomorrow is a big day for us! I am finally giving in and taking Ella Grace to get her ears pierced!!! I have such mixed emotions about this, but her Daddy really wants them done so I am finally giving in : / I know she will be precious, but I also know it is just going to break my heart and it is going to make my baby girl seem so much more grown up. Prayers please that all goes well and its not too bad on my sweet girl.

We are looking forward to a lovely day with Daddy tomorrow who is actually off work! Yay for a family day : )

Playing outside