Monday, January 9, 2012

Big Girl!

I just cannot believe what a "big girl" my sweet baby is turning in to! And SO quickly : ( Ella Grace has been taking "big girl" baths for about a month now, where she doesn't have to sit in her little bath chair. She LOVES it! She is SO cute too. She would play all night in the bathtub if I would let her! It has taken me a while to finally snap some pictures of her during tubby time because I am usually here alone while she is in the bath and she is just too busy to take my eyes or hands off of her long enough to take pictures. So I had to wait until we had a night that Daddy was home during bath time and Mommy wasn't at work. Which is hardly EVER! So here are a few pictures during tubby time. I took lots, but so many were blurry because she wouldn't keep still : )

Another "big girl" thing EG is doing now is standing! Standing while holding onto something I should clarify. I just can't believe it! She has been pulling up for about 2-3 weeks now. And it scares me to death! Now she stands all. the. time. I think she just likes to stand. She will play with her toys that sit on the floor, but she will stand and bend over to play. Silly girl! Yesterday, while I was cooking dinner, I turned around and she was standing up, under the table holding onto the chairs and I noticed she was trying to start taking little steps to "creep" from chair to chair! She is moving WAY to fast for her Mommy! Here are pictures of her playing and standing : )

She really likes to close her door to her room these days : ) She is closing out the doggies here!

Playtime before nite-nite : )

This is her "I know I'm in trouble and I don't care" look, ha! She knows she is not suppose to be playing with the fan : )

Love this picture because of that sweet belly : )

Standing like a big girl!