Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This year I am trying something different. We always, or at least I always make this long list of things I want to change about me or my life at the beginning of the year. I hate calling them "resolutions". Last year in my "New Year's" post I referred to them as "hopes". Which, I do still like that word. Hope. But since I am approaching this whole idea a little differently this year, I am calling them "commitments". I hate when I commit to something and do not follow through. "Commitment" just seems like such a strong word to me so I feel it will motivate me more to strive to complete these "goals" if you will.

So, for 2012 rather than overwhelming myself with a long list of commitments to start all at once, I decided to pick one commitment for each month of the year to work on. I love that idea so much more! It makes things seem more "do-able" to me. I have decided on my first 6 commitments, and I was going to list them all in this post, but I think I have talked myself out of that. I'm not sure what order I want to work on these "commitments", and depending on how busy a certain month is expected to be, I might change the order so I think I will just post at the beginning of each month what that month's "commitment" is.

The lucky month of January receives the "commitment" of exercise! Woo Hoo! I am quite ashamed to say I can count the number of times I have worked out on one hand since I gave birth to Ella Grace. And probably two hands since I got pregnant with her! Sad. I know. Thank God for breastfeeding! Otherwise I would be as big as my house! I am thankful for breastfeeding for many more important reasons too, of course. But that is the only reason I lost my baby weight. It has to be. Because I have done next to nothing in the physical department.

I'm not making some huge plans and goals to exercise 1-2 hours five to six days a week. With my schedule of being a mommy, wife, nurse and student that is just setting myself up for failure before I even begin. My "commitment" for this month is to do something, anything physical each day. On my best days I hope to take nice, brisk walks with my sweet girl maybe mixed with some strength training at home. But if I don't have that much time or EG needs her Mommy's attention more one day or whatever the reason may be, I might just do 50 jumping jacks or 25 push-ups. Anything is better than nothing! And small changes add up! Like yesterday. I was pressed for time so I only did 25 squats, 50 crunches and stretched. Even that little bit made me feel better!

Well, there you have it. My first "commitment" of 2012! Let's hope I can stick with it and have a good report at the end of the month!

My baby girl on our walk yesterday