Friday, June 1, 2012

Ella Grace's 1st Birthday Party!

We had a wonderful time with our family and friends who joined us to celebrate Ella Grace's first year here with us! I was so happy and thankful they ALL took time out of their lives to celebrate with us : ) EG has so many wonderful people in her life who love her so very much. She is SO blessed! The party was at our home in the backyard. We thought that would be best for her and since we a large age range of children who attended the party, it was hard to pick somewhere away from home that would be good for everyone. I think everyone had a great time though. Mikey grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs and we had all kinds of sweet treats : )

I did not get nearly as many pictures as I would have liked to : ( One suggestion to all you Mommies, if you haven't done birthday parties yet... and if you can afford it, hire a photographer! Actually, it doesn't have to be a professional, maybe just a family member who would be willing to snap away for you. It was just impossible to be part of the fun, be a good hostess, and take pictures all at the same time. And unfortunately I came away with not even ONE picture of me and my baby girl OR a family picture of us on her 1st birthday : ( However, I did get some cute ones. Warning here: This is going to be LOTS of pictures...

The Decor

The "Smash" Cake

The Favors

The picture on the left was taken the day Ella Grace was born, the picture on the right was the morning she officially turned 1!

The Birthday Girl's Chair

Okay. I think EG might have enjoyed this punch more than her cake! I never let her have much of anything sweet (she is deprived, I know...) so when her Daddy let her have some punch she was ALL about it!!!

"The heck with this straw business, I'm going in!"

Time for Cake!

Her first taste, testing it out...

A bigger taste test...

"Yeap, I think I can handle this!" Ha!

"Ah, this is the life..."

I'm guessing she approved since she started clapping after eating her cake : )

I decided to go ahead and break this up in to 2 posts since I had so many pictures. The next post will be mostly pictures with the family, friends and all the fun! 

Happy JUNE to everyone!!! Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Those pics of her drinking the punch and eating her cake are too cute for words! How precious!

    1. Thank you! I feel confident saying those 2 things made her day : )

  2. That looks like a perfect party for a sweet princess! SO adorable! I cannot believe she kept on her cute hat! Way to go big girl!

    1. You are so sweet, thank you! I was shocked myself that she left her hat on! She has always done pretty good wearing hats and bows, but getting her to wear sunglasses...IMPOSSIBLE, ha!

  3. Such awesome pictures and the party looked GREAT!!

  4. WOW! What a beautiful 1st birthday party! Looks like a party straight from Pinterest! :) I love all of the decorations and the smash cake pictures are adorable!

    1. Thanks Lacey! You are too sweet! I have to admit some of the ideas were definitely inspired by pinterest : ) Heck, most of life is inspired by interest these days, ha!

    2. I just found your blog through Lacey's! I haven't seen you in forever! I love your blog and you have the most adorable little family!! It looks like everything is going great for you! :)

    3. Hey Lauren! It is SO great to hear from you! Yes, it has been a LONG time! Lots of things have changed since the old days at Troy Place, ha! Thank you SO much for your sweet comments : ) I'm hardly ever baby-free, but we should try to get together sometime! I would love to catch up : )