Friday, April 13, 2012

What's Been Going On Lately?

Here at our house, we have been in the process of preparing our little (and I mean little) home for a special girl's first birthday party! Since we don't have much room inside (and I am hoping the weather is beautiful!) we are going to have the party outside in our backyard. I originally planned on having EG's party at the park, but after thinking about how few guests will probably actually attend, I opted to just have it at our house to save some money. That meant we had lots of "beautifying" to do around here. So, that meant lots of outdoor fun work.

Ella Grace doesn't care what the reason for being outside is, she just loves being out! She has enjoyed all these days, afternoons, and evenings we have spent outside. And she's a pretty good helper too : )

Helping Mommy plant

 So fun playing in the back of Daddy's truck!

Decided she needed some relaxing time.

"Ready for more dirt, Daddy?"

Apparently the rocks needed some rearranging...

I love this picture because it captures one of EG's favorite things to do...try to always put stuff in holes!

Tiny fingers and toes. LOVE.

Being so silly!

Excited to stand up all by herself!


  1. I can't believe she is standing by herself!!! She will be walking at her party! Can't wait to see you guys again!! :)

  2. I know! They are growing up too fast! Can't wait to see you guys again either : )