Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Zoo

I. LOVE. THE. ZOO. So, naturally I have been so excited for the day we could take Ella Grace to the zoo, and her actually enjoy it. We have had some beautiful weather this past week so we decided to take a spontaneuos zoo trip late one afternoon before I went in to work. It was SO much fun! We all loved it! And we actually went back again on Sunday. I was not able to get lots of great pictures because it was so bright and sunny out, but I managed to catch a few cute ones. But, of course any picture with my sweet girl in it is cute : )

My little giraffe

Checking out the zebras and elephants

(Okay, so Daddy missed the elephants behind us, ha!)

She is so intrigued by the anteater!

Just hanging with my Mommy and Daddy 

The picture in the center is one of my all. time. favorite!
She was watching the sea otters! and as you can see, she LOVED them! Priceless face!

I am glad we bought a membership to the zoo because I definitely see LOTS of zoo trips in our future : )

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