Saturday, March 17, 2012

Church Nursery

Last Sunday Mikey and I had duty in the church nursey for the first time. If I said I was not nervous, I would have been lying. Honestly, I thought Mikey would just hold and play with Ella Grace, while I was stuck with all the other kids in there, ha! I was wrong though. My sweet hubby did a great job and it went very smoothly : )

The best part about nursery duty was watching EG interact with the other babies. I have noticed how she is so interested and excited to watch older kids but I have not really had an opportunity to observe her with children her own age. It was SO cute watching her interact with them! She was a very sweet friend, and played nicely...but I feel confident in saying that nobody is going to be "running over" her, ha! She also made sure that she wan't left out of anything going on!

At one point we put her and one of the little boys in exersaucers next to one another and they had a "jump off." Too cute. I actually took a video on my phone of their jump off, but since you can see some of the other babies in the background, I am not going to post it on here. But trust me, it was precious. It was SO much fun watching her! I loved watching her play with the other babies and it makes me so happy we have such a wonderful church nursery for her to go to and make friends : )

My sleepy looking babes heading in to church : )

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