Monday, January 2, 2012

Review of 2011: Part 2

Part 2 of 2011's review brings us to July. By the way, you can check out Review of 2011: Part 1 HERE!

July - July was another great month! We were catching on to the whole parenting thing and we had an angel baby who was sleeping through the night so that helped LOTS! In July we headed to our favorite vacation spot. Destin, Florida! There are several posts about EG's first vacation! You can check those out HEREHEREHEREHEREHERE, and HERE! Told it was several. Or more like lots.

Here are a few vacay photos

Also, in July I turned 26. Yay (sarcastic voice)... We celebrated at the beach so I don't have any pictures just from my birthday. Too bad...

August - August was a hard, very hard month for me. I had to return to work : ( That was one of the hardest things E-V-E-R! Also, after waiting 3 years and finally landing a day shift position, I went right back to night shift, ha! I just absolutely could NOT leave my baby with someone else. It. Wasn't. Happening. So, this month is when I started being a full-time RN and a SAHM. Challenging? YES! Right decision? ABSOLUTELY! 

Also, this month Ella Grace got to go to church for her first time! And she did great in the nursery!

EG's first time to go to church!

September - In September, we celebrated the one year anniversary of finding out we were finally pregnant! Read about that HERE.

Mikey turned 28. Click HERE to read about that day. And Ella Grace is introduced to ALABAMA football!!! Roll Tide!

Game Day!

October - In October we took EG for her first hay ride and pumpkin patch visit! You can read all about that HERE! And of course it was EG's first Halloween! The post about her first Halloween is HERE.

Pumpkin Patch

Our little "ladybug" on her first Halloween

November - In November, Papa Coop came home from overseas to visit! We took a trip to Bass Pro Shop while he and Nana Coop were visiting us and Ella Grace met Santa for the first time. Read about her first visit with Santa HERE. We also enjoyed a nice, low-key Thanksgiving Day at home. Just the 3 of us. We have SO VERY much to give thanks for!

Playing at Bass Pro Shop with Papa and Nana Coop

First visit with Santa

In November, we also started our own family Christmas tradition of visiting the Christmas tree farm and cutting down our own tree! It was SO much fun! Read all about it HERE!

Christmas Tree Farm

December - It goes without saying December was an awesome month! The entire holiday season was amazing! I can't believe how quickly Christmas seemed to pass this year! EG's Papaw (my Daddy) celebrated his 75th birthday December 5th so EG and I packed up and headed south to visit Papaw for his birthday! Nana and Papaw come visit us in Birmingham every month or so, but this was EG's first time visiting their house!

Visit to Nana and Papaw's

And, of course we wrapped up December celebrating Ella Grace's first Christmas! Read all about that HEREHERE, and HERE!

Ella Grace's First Christmas

Mikey and I ended 2011 with a quiet, relaxing night at home. I am proud to say that we did actually stay up to ring in 2012! We reflected on what an awesome, amazing year 2011 was and how incredibly blessed we are! I'm sure 2012 will bring its own difficulties and challenges, but I LOVE fresh starts and I am SO excited to see what the Lord has in store for our family this year!!!

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