Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Wagon Ride!

This past weekend the weather was beautiful! And Daddy was finally home when it was nice outside, so we took Ella Grace on her first wagon ride! She loved it! She likes riding in her stroller too, but I think she enjoys the wagon even more because she is less restrained. Which may or may not be a good thing. Ha! She sat very still the whole time, played and just watched the world go by : )

Now that Daddy was able to take her on her first ride, Mommy and EG can get it out and go for rides more often! If it will stop raining that is. We had a weekend of beautiful weather, but then the weather turned nasty and has been nasty ever since : ( I know rain is good, but I'm just not a fan! It is still stormy and rainy all day today too. Blah. So another day inside for us girls. Blah again. We are getting out tonight though and heading to church! I am so excited because we are starting a Bible study tonight! It is about "Grace-based Parenting" and I cannot wait : ) I am a little nervous about EG though. She is usually in bed by 6:30 and the study doesn't start until then : / But hopefully she will do alright. She has always been very good in the nursery so hopefully tonight will be no different.

Well, there's my little angel waking up from her nap now. Really early too might I add. Anyways, gotta run but here are a few pictures of her first wagon experience : ) Happy Wednesday!

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