Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Breakdown

About a month ago Ella Grace and I were at Target (as usual...). We were strolling through the aisles with all the Christmas decorations and EG spotted a mini stocking she wanted. I kept trying to distract her and move away because I knew she would just put it in her mouth and I didn't want to buy it. Oh, and I left out this small detail...it was HIDEOUS! (Sorry if someone reading this owns one of these stockings. Don't mean to hurt your feelings. It's just not my style.) Anywho, I was not successful at all in distracting her. She HAD. to. have. it. Finally I gave in so we could move on and I could finish my shopping. So I just let her play with it and did the best I could keeping it out of her mouth so I could eventually sneak it away from her and leave it there, because I was determined that thing was not leaving the store in our possession.

So, I pick up everything I needed. And then more. Much to my surprise EG was still fascinated by that stocking. I hated to do it but I just had to take it from her (in a nice way!) as we were headed to the checkout line. Oh. My. Word. She had a fit!!! She had NEVER fussed about something being taken from her so I was shocked by her strong expression of well, anger, I guess. So I immediately gave it back. I walked around for about another 5 minutes trying to distract her and get it away from her. It wasn't happening. And I was ready to get out of there, so I broke down and decided to just buy it, especially since she apparently developed an immediate attachment to it. Besides, I thought that small, ugly thing couldn't cost more then $1.

Finally, we head to check out. After wrestling with EG to get the stocking from her to ring it up, the stupid thing was $4!!! Yes, $4! I couldn't believe it! That might not sound like a lot, but for something I REALLY did not want, even for free... $4 was a lot. So, needless to say that ugly stocking will be sticking around for a while. And I will bring it out when she is older and remind her that was the item she threw her first tantrem over. Ha!

The star of the story

Told you it was ugly, ha!

At least she does still play with it. So I guess it was worth the $4 after all : )


  1. That's hilarious! Paisley's first Target meltdown was over one of those "Fur Real" Kittens. Ha!

  2. I have only had one meltdown and it was only because the grocery shopping trip lasted WAY too long! Always exciting when everyone is looking at you!

  3. Too funny! I love her outfit! Where is it from?

  4. Tara, thankfully this has been the only breakdown we have experienced so far! And her clothes are actually PJs, ha! She's just rocking a bow with her jammies : ) And I think they are from Gymboree.