Sunday, January 15, 2012

7 Months Old!

Ella Grace, 

Another month is gone so fast! You are such a precious child with a sparkling personality. I can't take you anywhere without stopping many, many times because people always stop to talk to you because you smile and grin at everyone around you! You especially enjoy when we go to Publix : ) Of course you are still crawling everywhere, but this month you started pulling up and standing! You stand up all the time and you are not afraid to let go of what you are holding on to either! It scares Mommy to death, but not you! You are very brave. Not much of anything scares you, which scares Mommy even more. Mommy and Daddy had a very special holiday season as we got to celebrate your first Christmas! I know you didn't know what was going on and won't remember it, but we did and we will and it was amazing! I know the holidays will only get more exciting from this point on. I am especially looking forward to teaching you about the meaning of Christmas, the importance of giving, and how much Jesus loves YOU! You continue to be a constant joy in Mommy and Daddy's lives. Thank you for being such a sweet blessing! We love you!

7 Month Stats

Weight: 18 pounds 6 ounces

Length: 27 inches

Clothes size: 3-6 months, 6 months, and 6-9 months (depends on style and brand)

Diaper size:  3

Daily Routine: You are still waking up around 7 A.M. Sometimes a little earlier lately. You still nurse right after waking up in the morning, then you play until around 8:30ish. You usually share Mommy's breakfast with her, then lay day for your morning nap around 9-9:30. Your naps have been changing some this month...again. They just aren't very predictable. Sometimes you sleep over 2 hours, sometimes only 20 minutes : / Hopefully, just a phase again. After waking from your morning nap, you nurse again then we either play or run errands, depending on what day it is. After a small snack/lunch you go down for your second nap between 1:30-2:00 P.M. This afternoon nap seems to be especially short these days. After your afternoon nap, we are just usually hanging around the house, cleaning and cooking dinner. You are starting to stay up a little later now, until about 6:30-7:00 P.M. But when your ready for night-night, you are READY!

Feeding: You still nurse about 4 times a day. However, these nursing sessions have become significantly shorter. Especially, the couple of times in the middle of the day. I'm thinking that is a combination of you eating more solids and being too busy to sit still long enough to nurse. Probably more of the latter, ha! You have eaten SO many different foods! You are not picky at all! And I am SO thankful for that! You eat a lot of whatever Mommy and Daddy eats as long as its not too spicy or something you can't "gum" easily. Some new foods you have tried this month are spaghetti, cottage cheese, strawberries, scrambled eggs, bread, chicken, and tuna casserole! Your favorites seem to be cheese (for sure!), cottage cheese with strawberries, and bread. 

Sleep: Still sleeping like an angel 12-13 hours a night! We are VERY thankful! Mommy and Daddy know what a blessing that is!

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye color:  Light brown

Milestones: You pull yourself up and STAND! All. The. Time. You pull up and stand everywhere and on everything! You started taking "big girl" baths where you don't have to lay in your baby bath chair anymore! You also started kissing us when we ask for kisses, but have since stopped, ha! Hopefully, you will pick that back up soon : ) You also experienced you very first Christmas!!! YAY!

Your favorite toy: You got some fun new toys for Christmas that you love! You love your "stand up" activity table you got, your wagon, and still like your exersaucer. Also, the dog bowls would have to go on the list of your fans : /

7 Month Pictures

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Wagon Ride!

This past weekend the weather was beautiful! And Daddy was finally home when it was nice outside, so we took Ella Grace on her first wagon ride! She loved it! She likes riding in her stroller too, but I think she enjoys the wagon even more because she is less restrained. Which may or may not be a good thing. Ha! She sat very still the whole time, played and just watched the world go by : )

Now that Daddy was able to take her on her first ride, Mommy and EG can get it out and go for rides more often! If it will stop raining that is. We had a weekend of beautiful weather, but then the weather turned nasty and has been nasty ever since : ( I know rain is good, but I'm just not a fan! It is still stormy and rainy all day today too. Blah. So another day inside for us girls. Blah again. We are getting out tonight though and heading to church! I am so excited because we are starting a Bible study tonight! It is about "Grace-based Parenting" and I cannot wait : ) I am a little nervous about EG though. She is usually in bed by 6:30 and the study doesn't start until then : / But hopefully she will do alright. She has always been very good in the nursery so hopefully tonight will be no different.

Well, there's my little angel waking up from her nap now. Really early too might I add. Anyways, gotta run but here are a few pictures of her first wagon experience : ) Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Breakdown

About a month ago Ella Grace and I were at Target (as usual...). We were strolling through the aisles with all the Christmas decorations and EG spotted a mini stocking she wanted. I kept trying to distract her and move away because I knew she would just put it in her mouth and I didn't want to buy it. Oh, and I left out this small was HIDEOUS! (Sorry if someone reading this owns one of these stockings. Don't mean to hurt your feelings. It's just not my style.) Anywho, I was not successful at all in distracting her. She HAD. to. have. it. Finally I gave in so we could move on and I could finish my shopping. So I just let her play with it and did the best I could keeping it out of her mouth so I could eventually sneak it away from her and leave it there, because I was determined that thing was not leaving the store in our possession.

So, I pick up everything I needed. And then more. Much to my surprise EG was still fascinated by that stocking. I hated to do it but I just had to take it from her (in a nice way!) as we were headed to the checkout line. Oh. My. Word. She had a fit!!! She had NEVER fussed about something being taken from her so I was shocked by her strong expression of well, anger, I guess. So I immediately gave it back. I walked around for about another 5 minutes trying to distract her and get it away from her. It wasn't happening. And I was ready to get out of there, so I broke down and decided to just buy it, especially since she apparently developed an immediate attachment to it. Besides, I thought that small, ugly thing couldn't cost more then $1.

Finally, we head to check out. After wrestling with EG to get the stocking from her to ring it up, the stupid thing was $4!!! Yes, $4! I couldn't believe it! That might not sound like a lot, but for something I REALLY did not want, even for free... $4 was a lot. So, needless to say that ugly stocking will be sticking around for a while. And I will bring it out when she is older and remind her that was the item she threw her first tantrem over. Ha!

The star of the story

Told you it was ugly, ha!

At least she does still play with it. So I guess it was worth the $4 after all : )

Monday, January 9, 2012

Big Girl!

I just cannot believe what a "big girl" my sweet baby is turning in to! And SO quickly : ( Ella Grace has been taking "big girl" baths for about a month now, where she doesn't have to sit in her little bath chair. She LOVES it! She is SO cute too. She would play all night in the bathtub if I would let her! It has taken me a while to finally snap some pictures of her during tubby time because I am usually here alone while she is in the bath and she is just too busy to take my eyes or hands off of her long enough to take pictures. So I had to wait until we had a night that Daddy was home during bath time and Mommy wasn't at work. Which is hardly EVER! So here are a few pictures during tubby time. I took lots, but so many were blurry because she wouldn't keep still : )

Another "big girl" thing EG is doing now is standing! Standing while holding onto something I should clarify. I just can't believe it! She has been pulling up for about 2-3 weeks now. And it scares me to death! Now she stands all. the. time. I think she just likes to stand. She will play with her toys that sit on the floor, but she will stand and bend over to play. Silly girl! Yesterday, while I was cooking dinner, I turned around and she was standing up, under the table holding onto the chairs and I noticed she was trying to start taking little steps to "creep" from chair to chair! She is moving WAY to fast for her Mommy! Here are pictures of her playing and standing : )

She really likes to close her door to her room these days : ) She is closing out the doggies here!

Playtime before nite-nite : )

This is her "I know I'm in trouble and I don't care" look, ha! She knows she is not suppose to be playing with the fan : )

Love this picture because of that sweet belly : )

Standing like a big girl!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Aunt Monica

Ella Grace's aunt Monica (one of my big sisters) lives way out in Colorado. At least it feels way out from us here in Sweet Home Alabama. Anyway, since she lives far away and it's not that easy (or cheap!) to hop on a jet plane, EG had not yet met her Aunt Monica... Until last week! YAY!

We were SO excited she was in town for a few days and that she, Grayson and Tyler (some of EG's big cousins) were able to come visit! We had a good time catching up. We sure do miss her! And can't wait until she comes back to Alabama!!!

Ella Grace with Aunt Monica

EG & Tyler

EG & Grayson