Sunday, October 28, 2012

Play Date With Our Besties

Yesterday, Ella Grace and I took a mini road trip to have a play date with our best friends : ) Tara and I were roommates in college and have continued to keep in touch over the years even though we live in different states. She is one of my BESTEST friends and I am SO glad we have stayed in contact! Ella Grace and Leighton are only about 6 weeks apart so I feel confident they will grow up to be best friends also : )

We met at a children's museum where the girls kept us running constantly, ha! It was lots of fun though. Even though our little ones kept us on our toes the whole time, we still got in some good Mommy chat which was SO nice!!!

After the museum, we had lunch and then took the girls to a park to play. I know EG and Leighton had fun! They ran around with each other, smiled, laughed, and hugged and kissed on each other. So. Very. Sweet.

The downtown area where the museum was located had the most beautiful autumn-colored trees and fallen leaves all over the sidewalk. It was the PERFECT place for pictures, but of course it is pretty impossible to take pictures of my child alone and it was right by the street. So, I couldn't really make full attempt at taking pictures, but I did snap a few. Naturally, EG wouldn't look my way at all but they are still cute pictures nonetheless.

We really had such a GREAT time! Ella Grace was exhausted so I know she had fun with her bestie : )  Hopefully, we can do it again, sooner rather than later!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

GREAT Christmas DEAL!!!

I usually do not post things like this, but last Christmas I bought Ella Grace TONS of Melissa & Doug toys for Christmas from this website for a FRACTION of the retail cost. I was SO impressed with the quality of their products that I have actually bought several things since at full cost, so needless to say, I am SUPER pumped that these DEALS are BACK!!! Woo Hoo!!! So, because I love them so much I wasted to share with my fellow Mommy friends, so you too can take advantage of these great deals just in time for Christmas : ) I just ordered 3 different items for a grand total of $.20! Yeap, that it is LESS than 1 quarter! I am one happy Mommy : )

Just CLICK HERE to shop Melissa & Doug deals! AND...right now you will receive FREE SHIPPING with any Melissa & Doug purchase! Can I get a double WHOOP!!! That saves almost $8!!! Happy Shopping!

First Trimester: Weeks 5-13

I am already so far behind on posting pregnancy updates, and not much changed throughout the first trimester I thought I would just roll it all into one post. So far, this pregnancy has been pretty identical to my first. LOTS of sickness. But, that's okay because this time around I knew it would eventually end (even though again it never felt like it would!) and that is was absolutely worth it.

Baby's size? Ending the first trimester at around 1 ounce and 3 inches long

Weight Gain? 3-5 pounds

Maternity clothes? Not yet

Stretch marks? No new ones

Belly button in or out? In

Sleep? Pretty good most nights

Foods I am loving? Nothing. Period.

Foods I am hating? One thing different about this pregnancy is that I am not completely turned off to any certain foods. Oh yeah, except milk! But when I was pregnant with EG I could absolutely not even look or think about chicken. It hasn't been that way this time. No specific foods, just all food in general. 

Best moment this week trimester? Well, obviously there have been multiple...including finding out I was pregnant : ) As well as our ultrasounds and hearing our sweet baby's heartbeat!

Movement? None that I can feel yet

Symptoms? Nausea, vomiting, nausea, vomiting, naesea, nausea, nausea...

Gender? ???

What I miss? Playing with my baby girl like I want to : ( I was just too sick with NO energy!

What I'm looking forward to? FEELING BETTER!

Emotions: I have definitely felt more emotional this time around. I think mostly because I worry about loving TWO babies and dividing my attention between them.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Return, And With News!

So, its been over 3 months.  Honestly, there were a few days these past few months that I wondered if I would even bother blogging anymore. Ever. But the truth is, I love blogging and I don't want to stop. I just needed a break, and I have had a couple of much more important things happening in life. The plan is to just pick up my blogging on what's going on these days. I am not going to back track the past 3 months. With the exception of 2 summer events.

1. Our awesome beach vacation!


2. This little announcement below...

That's right. Ella Grace will be a BIG SISTER in April : ) We are seriously beyond excited!!! After trying for 18 months to get pregnant the first time, this was SUCH a blessing!!! This pregnancy has been a rough ride (just like the first time around), and with a toddler who was 14 months old when I found out I was preggers, I am sure you understand why blogging just was not at the top of my list lately. However, I am now 16 weeks and beginning to turn a corner and feel better : ) Praise the Lord!

Coming up, I will post vacation pictures and then attempt to catch up on Baby #2 pregnancy updates! It's good to be back!

Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm baaaaacck...

Gosh, it has been a while hasn't it!? We have been SO busy lately and quite honestly I just haven't really wanted to sit down and blog much these last few weeks. But, I must get back in a groove, otherwise none of our summer is going to be documented (gasp!). Since Ella Grace's birthday party we have just been having lots of fun and enjoying sumemertime. She is walking, actually she is basically running, ALL over the place now! She's so cute waddling around everywhere. We finally joined the Y so we have really enjoyed the pool, Mommy has enjoyed finally being back in the gym and EG loves going to play with the other kids there. So, it's a win, win!

I know I have tons of pictures on my camera that I need to upload to the computer, but for now I am just gonna post some old pictures from the beginning of summer, (well actually spring) that never got posted. A few months ago, Mikey built a place to put a swing for Ella Grace! She loves it! We have already used it a good bit and I know it will continue to be hit. Here are a few pictures from the first day he put it up.

Just hanging out in the back yard

Trying to break in Daddy's workshop

My little bookworm

I'm looking forward to sitting down and reading some blogs soon! I've got to catch up with all you ladies!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

1st Birthday Party: Part 2

These are more pictures from Ella Grace's 1st birthday party. Since I had so many pictures in Part 1 you can read HERE, I decided to break it up into two posts. These pictures are shots with friends and family, the kiddos playing, and present opening!

Papaw, Aunt Dareath and Ella Grace

Playing bubbles with friends and cousins

Water table fun!

Big cousins Brendon & Hannah

Just playing!

Time for the PiƱata!!!

Opening birthday gifts with Daddy : )

Favorite present = a book! Happy Mommy : )

Sweet cousins! Melts my heart : )