Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas: Round 1

We had two "Christmas Day's" around here! Nana Coop came down the weekend before Christmas and celebrated with us! We skyped with Papa so he could see Ella Grace open some gifts...or rather, just rip the bows off : ) They bought EG her first wagon and she LOVES it! We haven't been able to get outside and ride in it yet (waiting for Daddy to have a day off to go with us!), but she loves riding around the house and sitting in it with all her toys and watch TV. Ha!

First, here are some pictures I tried to take of EG in her Santa hat and a picture to email Papa Coop on Christmas day with her holding a "Merry Christmas" sign, but she wasn't in to picture taking that day so they aren't very good ones.

She was more interested in eating the sign. Of course.

And here are some pictures of her opening her gifts from Papa and Nana Coop!

"How does this thing work?"

She LOVES her "taggies"

Just relaxing. Checking out my goods!

I predict Daddy reading LOTS of princess books in the coming years! i LOVE it!

YAY for my Elf on the Shelf!