Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Year Ago

On this day last year, our lives changed forever. One year ago today we found out that we received the most wonderful gift EVER. Today marks a year from the day we found out we were finally going to be Mommy and Daddy! We tried and prayed for so long. Our prayers were finally answered. It was the BEST feeling in the whole wide world! I couldn't even tell Mikey in a cute, creative way because as soon as I walked back into the bedroom he knew. He didn't even know I was taking a pregnancy test, but I was smiling so big I gave it away : ) We spent the rest of the day just in amazement that I was finally pregnant.

God works in amazing ways and as hard as it is to accept at times, His timing is always perfect and we could not be more grateful for our precious gift from God! It's so surreal to me that in only one year, we found out I was pregnant. I carried a growing baby in me. Gave birth to her. Actually have her here. In our arms. And now she is already 4 months old (4 months tomorrow)!!! That's just a good way!

I will remember that day for as long as I live! That is a feeling that I never, ever want to forget. We are SO incredibly blessed to have Ella Grace. She is an angel, and she is our world. Thank you, Lord, that we have that day to look back on. Year after year.

YAY!!!! Praise!!!

Taken the day we found out we were going to be parents!!!

First ultrasound at 6 weeks!

It's a GIRL! (17 weeks)

The Nursery.

Headed to the hospital

She's HERE!

And pictures from today...