Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last of the Beach Photos!

So, now that all of you have experienced beach picture picture overload, I thought I would show you more! YAY! Really, this is the last of them I am going to post. Of course, I have hundreds that I haven't posted, but I will spare you : ) These pictures were taken at the end of the week, right before we had to leave. We did have a photographer shoot some photos of all of us that I posted HERE, but these I took with my own camera while we were waiting around and such. Enjoy!

Uncle Mike with the boys : )

Nana Coop and her boys : )

Daddy's little princess!

Mommy & me

PRICELESS smile : )

Our Sweet Family : )

So, I actually do have some things coming up to blog about...other than beach pictures, of course! Hopefully I will get some catching up done this weekend. just might involve my very first giveaway!!! Exciting! Stay tuned...