Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ella Grace: 3 Days Old

Here we are. Ella Grace is now 3 days old (May 15, 2011). Today, we headed to her first doctor's appointment. She had her bilirubin level drawn before we left the hospital the day before because she was pretty jaundiced (as you can see in the pictures). So, we headed to the pediatrician's office first thing Sunday morning. The first thing we learned that takes about 12 times longer to leave the house with a baby than it did before. We were scheduled to be there between 8-10 a.m. I was shooting for about 8:45ish...BIG fail! The good news...we arrived at 9:50 a.m., ha! So, we did make it in our time frame...barely, but hey it was before 10!

We finally arrive at the doctor

Pictures of us during her visit
(too bad these are phone pics because they aren't very good)

Sadly, her bili level went up and they told us she had to stay on the bili bed for the next 2 days : ( Broke my heart! It was the hardest thing in the world to not be able to hold her when we wanted, which was pretty much all day...

Thankfully though, she was a precious angel while on the bed. She slept all day and night those two days except when she nursed and got changed. Here are some pics of her on the bili bed.

Basically, Ella Grace sums this whole trip to doctor up in this picture...

HaHa! Silly Girl!

Bringing Home Baby

Ella Grace is 2 days old now (May 14, 2011)! This is the day that we got to take home our precious baby girl : ) We were so excited to get to leave the hospital and take Ella Grace to her new home! However, I must admit that I might have cried a little as we were leaving! As we rolled past labor and delivery (in our lovely wheelchair, of course) I was so sad that the time had come and passed by so quickly! Then as we drove past the my OB doctor's office on the way out, I was even more sad because it seemed like just the day before we just saw our baby on the ultrasound monitor, heard her heartbeat and found out we were having a GIRL! We spent so much time there the past few months preparing to meet our daughter and now it was all over...that part anyway... I know this is how I'm gonna feel for the rest of my life though as I watch her grow up! Anyway, bittersweet it was. So, let's get to the sweet part...we are finally bringing Ella Grace HOME! YAY!!!

 First up for pictures, her "going home outfit"

Leaving the hospital

Then, EG showed us just what an angel she is : ) I was a little worried about her first carseat ride because I know some babies hate the carseat, but she was perfect!

First time riding in her carseat

This picture is hilarious to me because her Daddy's driving is the only thing we ever "argue" about (I'm a slow, cautious driver...him, not so much)

Actually, he was driving slower than this until I said something, ha! And yes, we were on the interstate... Funny how a baby changes things : )

HOME with our baby girl

Our little family of THREE!

First meeting between EG and the dogs...I think it went well : )

First bath (well, at home)

She wasn't a big fan, ha!

Daddy gets me ready for bed for the first time : )

He is SO awesome with her! He has totally blown me away : )