Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ella Grace's Birth Story: Part 2

So, the story is really over. Not much more to tell...

Basically, I was truly blessed enough to give birth to a very, healthy and B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L baby girl!! Just thought it would be easier to break it up into two posts since there are so many pictures. The moments just after she was born were SO incredibly surreal. I just couldn't believe it was over. I did it! Here she was, she was actually out of me and I was holding her! Words could never explain that feeling and I hope that I NEVER forget it!

So here are pictures from right after she was born and her first day and night in the world : )

Mommy holding her for the first time : )

First bath

Daddy putting on my lotion...he really likes this job : )

Dressing me ever SO carefully

He's in love...again, of course : )

Me & Papa Coop

Me & Papaw

Me & Nana

Daddy acting like he was going to change my diaper...he changed his mind when he saw what was in it

Skin to skin

Terrible, horrible picture of me, but I'm obligated to post it since it's our first family photo

Me and my baby girl

Wrapped already ; )

Ready for bed after my first day in this world...minus the hairbow, of course