Wednesday, April 20, 2011

35 Weeks!

How far along? 35 weeks!

Baby's size? Around 5 1/4 pounds and over 18 inches! Although I'm sure she's a little bigger : )

Weight Gain? 39 pounds...

Maternity clothes? Sure thing! The only regular clothes I even attempt to wear are my pj's

Stretch marks? Not yet...

Belly button in or out? I guess I will officially consider mine out. It doesn't always stick out, just when I sit certain ways or's kinda weird

Sleep? Sleep has not been so great this week. I am really starting to hurt a lot and it's pretty difficult to get comfy

Foods I am loving? Still not having much of an appetite...

Best moment this week? Finishing up our shopping for Ella Grace! I think we are all set now : )

Movement? She moves, KICKS, JABS, and PUNCHES!!! She hurts Mommy lately! But of course I would go thru it all day, everyday if I had to!

Symptoms? Nausea, Swelling, Braxton Hicks, and FATIGUE!!! O.M.G. the sleepiness is insane!

Gender? a little GIRL : )

What I miss? Wearing my rings

What I'm looking forward to? Visiting the doctor again in 2 weeks! We get another ultrasound then to see how big she is and if I am dilated any!

Emotions: I've been a little emotional lately. Just thinking about how much our life is about to change : ) And how truly blessed we are to have this opportunity to become parents!