Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Weeks!

How far along? 30 Weeks! I can't believe I am in the last 10 weeks!!!! Holy Moly!!!

Baby's size? She is about 3 pounds and 15 1/2 inches long now!

Weight Gain? I am SO pleased to annouce that I finally had an OB visit where I didn't gain any weight! Hallelujah!!!! So, I am still at 31 pounds for total weight gain so far.

Maternity clothes? Yeah. I can wear a couple of regular shirts, but that's it. I sleep in my regular PJ pants but I love wearing Mikey's tshirts to sleep in so I have room to move around : )

Stretch marks? Still waiting on them...I know they're coming...

Belly button in or out? Still both but definitely out more than it was

Sleep? Not so great this week : (

Foods I am loving? Nothing too much in particular but I have wanted ice cream/milkshakes a couple of times this week...completely out of the ordinary for me!!! Those just aren't my things...usually...

Foods I am hating? Nothing

Best moment this week? Seeing Ella Grace in 4-D again! Although, again she did not cooperate! That little stubborn princess...The ultrasound tech did say she could see a little hair on the back of her head : ) That's good! I'm hoping she comes out with a head full like her Daddy, not a bald head like me, ha!

Movement? SO much flipping going on in there. I did notice this past week that I kinda get a little freaked out when I realize she hasn't moved around in a while.

Symptoms? I have definitely been a little "under the weather" this week. I've been so nauseated and sick the past several mornings. I just plain don't feel good : ( I'm really hoping its just a "bug" passing through because I am beginning to get worried my morning sickness is returning : / and NESTING!!! O.M.G. It has hit me like a tons of bricks! I am SO anxious about getting EVERYTHING cleaned, organized, put together, thrown out, perfect...before she arrives! Somebody help, I think I might spiral out of control soon, ha! The only thing holding me back is tons of school work I have to get finished in the coming weeks in case she decides to arrive early...

Gender? a little girl! Ella Grace!

What I miss? Not really anything. Sometimes, I do wish I could lay on my tummy, but hey, I think I can deal with that!

What I'm looking forward to? Getting everything around the house in order in the next few weeks : ) And seeing EG in 4-D yet a 3rd time next week : )

Milestone: Making it into the "30s"

Emotions: GREAT! just stressing about getting everything in order!

WARNING: These pictures are horrible, I repeat horrible of me! And, yes I am wearing the same shirt I wore in my "28 week" pics. Don't judge, I have slim pickings in my closet these days : )