Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Hopes for 2011

I did a post just like this on the 1st day of 2010. Well, I hate to beat myself down, put I pretty much failed at accomplishing my goals I set for 2010. I made a little progress on a couple of them, but overall, it wasn't a pretty picture. So, for 2011 I am setting only ONE goal!!! It's not even really a goal, and definitely not your typical "resolution," but a total lifestyle change that I will strive for until the day I leave this earth.

Last year, my very first goal was to grow closer to God. While I did work on it, I (very unfortunately) am still faaarrrr away from the making the Lord my first priority in my life. I like to think I make Him my #1 at times, but truth be told...I really don't : ( It saddens me to admit this, but it is time to turn this around. And, thankfully with God's incredible mercy and amazing grace, I know it can be done!

So, that is my focus for this year (and every year thereafter). It is super important to me that Ella Grace learns to love Jesus and grows up to serve Him! And as her mother and role model, it is my job to lead by example. I have no grand plans to accomplish this goal...just pray faithfully, fellowship more with other believers, read and memorize scripture, and 100% FULLY trust our WHOLE lives to the Lord!!! (That's the hardest for me...)

Now that I have this post completed and published (completely for myself), I will ask of you all, if you do not mind to please pray for me in this journey! I am so excited about 2011 and what I know it is bringing and all the other events that I don't yet know about. I am just incredibly thankful that I get to experience each year with Mikey, who is truly my soul mate. My best friend. My rock. My everything!

Let's get 2011 started! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!