Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve is my favorite holiday. Mikey says it is not a holiday, but I beg to differ. It is probably my most favorite day of the year. Maybe even more than Christmas Day. There is just nothing like that anticipation that has been building up for weeks coming to a climax! Mix that with celebrating the birth of Jesus, baking cookies, wrapping gifts, and family time!!! i LOVE it!!! As I was rocking Ella Grace to sleep on Christmas Eve, I was so overwhelmed with emotions. Happy and sad. But mostly happy and GRATEFUL! Throughout the 1 1/2 years we tried to get pregnant, I had many, many days/nights wondering if I would ever have the opportunity to be a Mommy. If I would ever be putting my little one to sleep the night before Santa comes. As always, God's timing could not have been more perfect, once again teaching me to always keep my faith in Him. And for that I am eternally grateful! Praise be to Him! Wow, I got way off subject...but that's a good subject to get distracted by!

Anyway, as I was rocking her to sleep I could NOT believe how fast Christmastime flew by! Better yet, how fast the past year has flown! Last Christmas, I was 20 weeks preggo with EG and we had just found out we were having a little girl : ) I remember dreaming of what her first Christmas morning would be like on Christmas last year. Then it's like somebody flipped a switch, fast forwarded 365 days and BAM! I am holding my SEVEN month old on Christmas Eve. Excuse me! What!?!? Somebody should really invent a time-freezing machine. I digress.

So after my angel was peacefully sleeping on Christmas Eve I couldn't help but just sit and stare at our Christmas tree. Ella Grace's first Christmas tree. And give thanks for our baby and everything else we have been SO very blessed with. Mikey and I just sat and talked for about 30 minutes in the dim, quiet room lit only by the lights from our tree. Which was especially nice, since that was the first "real" conversation we had since probably Thanksgiving Day (gotta love retail holiday hours...not!) We thought about the memories we had made in the past year and recounted the day of EG's first Christmas Eve! It was a great night! And even though it makes me sad to think of my baby girl getting older every year, I am still excited to celebrate Christmas Eve year after year with her!!!

Pictures of Ella Grace's first Christmas Eve

Opening her Christmas Eve gift! Her plate for Christmas breakfast! : )

Santa's cookie plate

Santa got peanut butter Rudolph cookies this year! And oreo truffles!

Leaving out cookies for Santa!

Santa Clause came while EG was sleeping! She must have been a very good girl : )

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