Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

First, I know what you're thinking..."Two posts in one day!?!?"Yeah, I know. Don't get use to it though. Just had an angel baby who took a great nap this morning! So, Mommy was able to get some stuff done : )

Ella Grace's first Christmas was just as wonderful as her first Christmas Eve! Her favorite part of opening gifts was ripping the bows off! She liked tearing the wrapping paper off too, but then she just wanted to eat it. She got lots of great toys!

The best part about Christmas this year was that we got to see most (missed my big sis!) of our immediate family (on my side). We are all spread out now and don't live close to one another so it was SO nice to get to see almost everyone at once! Ella Grace celebrated her first Christmas with Mommy and Daddy, of course, along with Nana and Papaw Pate, Uncle Jason and Aunt Dareath, and her cousins Tyler, Grayson, Hunter, Brendon, Jayden, Courtney and Hannah! She loved them all! And was such a good girl letting everyone hold her and play with her : )

We are SO incredibly blessed in SO many ways! We had an amazing Christmas and I know they will only get better from here!

Pictures of Ella Grace's First Christmas

Ella Grace with her cousins and Nana and Papaw

Nana & Papaw with all their grandchildren

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