Friday, November 4, 2011

Ella Grace's VERY first Halloween!

We have had the cutest little ladybug hanging around our house lately!

 For Ella Grace's first Halloween we took her to our church's "trunk or treat" festival! It was so awesome to have that opportunity to spend time together as a family! Although we didn't officially "trunk or treat" to get candy (although we should have...for Mommy!), we still had a great time! We had a free "picnic" dinner and we were able to donate food in honor of World Hunger Awareness month! I know EG doesn't realize the importance of giving to others just yet, but it is very important to me to teach her that as she grows older. We just walked around enjoying all the creatively decorated trunks and costumes. It was nice to be able to catch up with our Sunday school friends too!

These are some pictures of us at "Trunk or Treat"

"Can I get a bite of your corn dog, Daddy?"

Scoping out the costumes and candy : )

We had an indoor pumpkin carving session last Friday night! Poor Daddy had to carve all 3 pumpkins : ) Don't let him fool you though. He loves it! He carved one for EG to sit in for pictures. That didn't work out, by the way. Then he carved one with our monogram on it, and one with Minnie Mouse for Ella Grace! Ella Grace even got to stay up late to participate in the pumpkin carving action! 

Of course she wanted to eat it!

Our Pumpkins!

These are pictures of her in her very first Halloween costume! And a couple of other cute "fallish" pictures. You all will have to excuse my picture overload. I just can't ever decide which ones not to post! I guess that's what happens when your baby is this precious ; )

We hope everyone had a fun Halloween!