Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time Flies...

So, yeah. Where is life going!?!? If we could just pause the days, rewind and start over a bit slower that would be GREAT! My days just literally disappear lately! Well, lately as in the last 5 months (Happy 5 months Ella Grace!)... Like I thought it had been a week or so since my last post. Um. No. How about we try almost 3 WEEKS! It seems the more I try to pack into 24 hours, the less that gets accomplished. I just don't get it. I have been in denial about this, but I believe it's pretty safe to say that I will never be blogging as frequently as I used to, or would like to. But, the bottom line is when it comes to sitting in front of the computer versus spending time with my precious girl, she will win. Every. Single. Time. I hate that because I am documenting fewer memories to look back on, but I don't hate that because I am busy making those memories : )

I'm not saying that I am giving up on the bloggy world. I'm just not holding myself accountable to it. When (and if...) I get time to post, I will! Defiitely! But when I don't have time, oh well. Also, meaning that my posts will most likely continue to be quite behind "real time." Case in point...Ella Grace's 4 month post. Yes, it will definitely get posted even if it's already a month late, ha! I am going to try to keep up better, but if I don't then I will catch up eventually, or maybe not.

So, after all this jibber jabber. I will be posting some this week! Yay! I have lots to catch up on so stay tuned!

EG is loving this cooler fall weather so she can be outside more!
I took these pictures while we were out on our walk. Happy girl : )

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  1. time does fly. and that gorgeous baby?! ahhh she's melting me with her beauty!