Friday, October 14, 2011

A Dream Come True: Pumpkin Patch Style

This might sound a bit corny to some, but I have totally dreamed (for a long time!) of taking my little one(s) to the pumpkin patch to kick off the fall season each year. Of course hubby and I could have gone the past few years. Just us two. But I always decided against it. I just felt like it would be more exciting and meaningful to begin that tradition when we became Mommy & Daddy. Thankfully that day finally came last weekend : ) I was so SO excited all week about taking Ella Grace to the pumpkin patch! I could hardly stand it! So. Sunday we packed up our little pumpkin and headed here!

There were so many fun things going on! Of course EG was a little young to partake in most of the activities this year, for example riding a pony(!!!), but next's on! We took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch, picked out our pumpkins and of course took pictures! EG wasn't too crazy about her photo shoot to begin with (I have a picture as evidence), but she warmed up and I got some really sweet shots : )

This is my previously mentioned evidence, ha! So sad, but so precious!

It was lots of fun! I do have a confession though. The trip was almost a total fail because "genius" here (aka ME) completely forgot to put my memory card in the camera, ugh! Thankfully, we brought along my huge camera bag of goodies and had a "mini" memory card in a small point-and-shoot camera in my bag. Talk about big. fat. WHEW! However, it wouldn't store very many picutres so I couldn't take a whole lot. Like I usually do.

We had such a good time though we are thinking about heading back to the pumpkin patch in a week or so! YAY! And this time I will remember my B.I.G. memory card! And the video camera! I hope you all are enjoying this fun month and beautiful time of year! Have a FUN fall weekend : )

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