Friday, October 14, 2011

A Dream Come True: Pumpkin Patch Style

This might sound a bit corny to some, but I have totally dreamed (for a long time!) of taking my little one(s) to the pumpkin patch to kick off the fall season each year. Of course hubby and I could have gone the past few years. Just us two. But I always decided against it. I just felt like it would be more exciting and meaningful to begin that tradition when we became Mommy & Daddy. Thankfully that day finally came last weekend : ) I was so SO excited all week about taking Ella Grace to the pumpkin patch! I could hardly stand it! So. Sunday we packed up our little pumpkin and headed here!

There were so many fun things going on! Of course EG was a little young to partake in most of the activities this year, for example riding a pony(!!!), but next's on! We took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch, picked out our pumpkins and of course took pictures! EG wasn't too crazy about her photo shoot to begin with (I have a picture as evidence), but she warmed up and I got some really sweet shots : )

This is my previously mentioned evidence, ha! So sad, but so precious!

It was lots of fun! I do have a confession though. The trip was almost a total fail because "genius" here (aka ME) completely forgot to put my memory card in the camera, ugh! Thankfully, we brought along my huge camera bag of goodies and had a "mini" memory card in a small point-and-shoot camera in my bag. Talk about big. fat. WHEW! However, it wouldn't store very many picutres so I couldn't take a whole lot. Like I usually do.

We had such a good time though we are thinking about heading back to the pumpkin patch in a week or so! YAY! And this time I will remember my B.I.G. memory card! And the video camera! I hope you all are enjoying this fun month and beautiful time of year! Have a FUN fall weekend : )

Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 Months Old!

Disclaimer: Yes, EG was actually 5 months old yesterday. So, this is a bit late, but better late than never, right!?

Ella Grace,

This has been an exciting month for us! You are growing SO fast and transforming into such a little "person!" I know that sounds silly, because obviously you are a person. And have been your entire life, but you just interact so much more and are definitely making your place in this family be known : ) You are such a happy, happy baby! We enjoy you so much! I just love having our "girl time!" You are so much fun to be out and about with because you are so good and happy : ) I hope as you get older, you will continue to enjoy spending "girl time" with Mommy. I know I will NEVER get tired of it! I wish there were words so I could explain how much love I feel for you! Only you will never know until you are a Mommy one day (a looooonnng time away!) because this type of love could never be put into words. I want to give you the whole entire world! I pray every single day that I am the Mommy you deserve! I love you precious angel! Happy 4 Months!

4 Month Stats

Weight: 14 pounds, 12 ounces

Length: 25 inches

Clothes size: 0-3 months and 3 months

Diaper size: 2

Daily Routine: You usual wake up time is around 7 a.m. You always nurse very soon after waking up (unless Mommy is still at work) because you are a hungry baby in the morning! If Mommy works the night before Daddy will get you up and play with you until Mommy makes it home around 7:15 or so. After breakfast you play until 9-9:30. Usually you play in your exersaucer and watch TV during this time while Mommy and Daddy get ready. You still love Baby Einstein and now Daddy also got you hooked on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! You love it, you just laugh and talk to the TV : ) Naptime is around 9. You have gotten a little better about taking longer naps the last couple of weeks. Somedays you still sleep only 30-45 minutes, usually you will take one longer nap a day, about 1 1/2-2 hours. After your nap, you nurse then its playtime again! This is usually when Mommy and you get in the floor and play, read, etc. LOVE this time! It's naptime again around 1:30. After this time you will have a nursing "snack" then play more. If Mommy is off this is when we will get outside and take a walk or something. If Mommy has to work then this is a really busy time because Mommy is trying to cook dinner and get ready for work and of course this is the time day of the day where you do not want to be put down! You want to be cuddled! Breaks my heart when I can't do it : ( Then it's bathtime around 5, nurse one last time (or Daddy feeds you a bottle when I'm working) then you are asleep by 6 or 6:30.

Feeding: You nurse about 4 times a day. Right after you wake up, lunch, afternoon "snack," then dinner!

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good, but you have definitely changed your sleeping habits. You started sleeping on your tummy since you can roll over now. Mommy freaked about it (of course!) and spent the first two nights going back and forth to your room turning you back on your back. Then when you started rolling back on your stomach before I could even make it back to our bedroom, I gave up. So, I just took out your bumper pads. Also, you have started waking up some during the night. 99% of the time you put yourself back to sleep. Every now and then you will want to nurse around 4-5 a.m. but usually not. I'm glad you usually go back to sleep on your own, but I just thought it was kinda weird you all of a sudden wake up when you've been sleeping through the night since you basically came home. Lastly, the most sad thing of all. Mommy doesn't get to rock you anymore : ( Sad, SAD times!!! You are the #1 fighter of sleep!!! And you are a smart girl! You have learned that when Mommy sits in your rocker with you and gives you a paci, it's time for sleep and you start crying : ( So, unless you fall asleep while you are nursing, Mommy just has to lay you down and let you go to sleep on your own. Like the big girl you aren't : ( I am reeallly hoping this habit dies hard. And soon!

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Still a mystery. Sometimes so blue, sometimes so green, and sometimes so brown.

Milestones: Started sleeping on your tummy! You found your feet and you are so ticklish : )

Your favorite toy: Exersaucer and TAGS! You LOVE tags. It doesn't matter what it's on and if anything in your reach has a tag, you WILL find it. And EAT it!

4 Month Pictures

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time Flies...

So, yeah. Where is life going!?!? If we could just pause the days, rewind and start over a bit slower that would be GREAT! My days just literally disappear lately! Well, lately as in the last 5 months (Happy 5 months Ella Grace!)... Like I thought it had been a week or so since my last post. Um. No. How about we try almost 3 WEEKS! It seems the more I try to pack into 24 hours, the less that gets accomplished. I just don't get it. I have been in denial about this, but I believe it's pretty safe to say that I will never be blogging as frequently as I used to, or would like to. But, the bottom line is when it comes to sitting in front of the computer versus spending time with my precious girl, she will win. Every. Single. Time. I hate that because I am documenting fewer memories to look back on, but I don't hate that because I am busy making those memories : )

I'm not saying that I am giving up on the bloggy world. I'm just not holding myself accountable to it. When (and if...) I get time to post, I will! Defiitely! But when I don't have time, oh well. Also, meaning that my posts will most likely continue to be quite behind "real time." Case in point...Ella Grace's 4 month post. Yes, it will definitely get posted even if it's already a month late, ha! I am going to try to keep up better, but if I don't then I will catch up eventually, or maybe not.

So, after all this jibber jabber. I will be posting some this week! Yay! I have lots to catch up on so stay tuned!

EG is loving this cooler fall weather so she can be outside more!
I took these pictures while we were out on our walk. Happy girl : )