Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nana Coop Visits

We had a GREAT weekend! Friday is usually the day Ella Grace and I run errands and such but I had a super busy night at work Thursday night and was exhausted so we just had a lazy day. We stayed in our PJs, watched some Baby Einstein, sat outside a little, and I worked on a wreath I am making. Then it was early tubby time and bedtime for both of us! Sometimes, it's just nice to have these lazy days where nothing gets accomplished : )

Then, on Saturday Nana Coop visited! YAY! Ella Grace doesn't get to see her grandparents much because we don't live very close so we were all very excited to have her come stay with us! Mikey had to work Saturday (boo!) so after having lunch with Daddy, we girls headed out for a little shopping! We found some cute fall shoes on clearance (score!) and snatched up some cute winter clothes for EG also on clearance! 

Then, we took Ella Grace to make her first "build-a-bear!" We...I mean Ella Grace...wanted a princess bear, but all they had were ugly cheesy looking princess dresses. I mean come on...you have wedding dresses for the bears, but not a decent princess dress...fail. Anyways, we made Princess Abigail (Daddy named her), picked her out a tiara, and decided Princess Abigail could borrow one of EG's pretty tutus her Aunt Lizzy made her : )

We forgot the camera, so I had to take pics with my phone. Which are always dark and blurry : (

Waiting to stuff her princess bear

Watching her princess bear get "stuffed"

Washing Princess Abigail : )

On Sunday, Mikey was off work so his Mommy treated us to a super yummy lunch at Carrabba's for his birthday! 

After lunch, we strolled around outside a bit to enjoy the nice pretty weather before Nana had to leave. 

Trying to figure out who is riding in her stroller with her, ha!

Sitting like a big girl!

We were sad to see Nana Coop leave so soon! The visits with grandparents are never long enough : ( Hopefully, we can visit both sets of grandparents SOON!

After Nana headed home, Ella Grace and I sat outside, enjoying the nice weather while Daddy finished up his project he's been working on.

We had a awesome weekend! And hope you all did too!

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