Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fun Weekend!

We have had such a fun weekend! Friday, my baby and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon out and about and dinner with Daddy. Saturday was a fun day of football...even though Daddy is always working and never gets to watch it with us : ( And our team won! Woo Hoo! And today we did a little shopping...again...It's so nice to visit our outdoor outlet mall. Right now the weather is gorgeous and it just seems wrong to stay in the house all day. Ella Grace was looking SO cute in her "skinny" jeans today! I cannot believe I didn't take any pictures of her! I have got to get better about that. Starting immediately.

We have a long week ahead of us, unfortunately. I have a huge, very long paper due next week so I'm gonna have to cut off and block out everything except for my baby and school this week. Such very sad times. But I'm going to be optimistic and hope I can focus early and knock it out quickly! But after I get this paper behind me, I plan on a very fun month in October! I have some new recipes I'm wanting to try, a pumpkin patch trip to be made, and many adorable pictures to be taken! YAY!

I didn't get any pictures while we were out today but I took a few tubby time pictures tonight...

Happy Girl! Loves tubby time : )

Her favorite bath "toy"

I wish I had a bath robe that cute! Or that I looked that cute in my bath robe...

Well, here's to hoping this week goes smoother than I'm expecting and I get this paper written with ease. I hope you all have a great week!!! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Game Day!

Today is serious business. It's Alabama's first SEC conference game! It's gonna be a tough one, but we are ready! Check out my little Bama fan in her game day dress! Roll Tide Roll!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll!

I am SO excited fall is here! I actually do love all the seasons but fall is definitely my favorite. Ella Grace and I had such a great afternoon. I have got to get better at taking pictures everyday! If my phone would take better pictures, I would have lots more. And when she starts sitting up, it will be much easier to snap shots of her with the big camera, but for now I am just gonna have to make time to take some. I digress. I did get a couple of cute ones today while I was getting ready. Miss prissy here only naps for 30 minutes at a time so she is never fully rested during the day. Well, today I guess it caught up with her. She always sits in her exersaucer outside our bathroom door while I get ready. While I was drying my hair today, I look over at her and this is what I see.

Bless her heart! She is so adorable! After she finished her her crib, I might add...we picked up a pumpkin spice latte for Mommy (too celebrate the first day of fall, of course), visited Daddy at work, and took a trip to the bookstore. All these places are in the same shopping center so we enjoyed walking around outside all afternoon! The weather was beautiful! Surprisingly, it actually did feel like fall out today : ) So, while at the bookstore I picked these up...

I'm pretty excited to teach EG to sign. I don't even know how, so it will be good for Mommy too. And finally, as the first day of fall was coming to an end, I decided to bake this...

Pumpkin spice bread. Yum.

It's cool outside, my house is clean, it smells of pumpkin bread and fall candles, my little princess is peacefully sleeping, and now my wonderful hubby is home to snuggle with! I think this is a GREAT start to my weekend and to the fall season : ) Happy Fall Y'all!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nana Coop Visits

We had a GREAT weekend! Friday is usually the day Ella Grace and I run errands and such but I had a super busy night at work Thursday night and was exhausted so we just had a lazy day. We stayed in our PJs, watched some Baby Einstein, sat outside a little, and I worked on a wreath I am making. Then it was early tubby time and bedtime for both of us! Sometimes, it's just nice to have these lazy days where nothing gets accomplished : )

Then, on Saturday Nana Coop visited! YAY! Ella Grace doesn't get to see her grandparents much because we don't live very close so we were all very excited to have her come stay with us! Mikey had to work Saturday (boo!) so after having lunch with Daddy, we girls headed out for a little shopping! We found some cute fall shoes on clearance (score!) and snatched up some cute winter clothes for EG also on clearance! 

Then, we took Ella Grace to make her first "build-a-bear!" We...I mean Ella Grace...wanted a princess bear, but all they had were ugly cheesy looking princess dresses. I mean come have wedding dresses for the bears, but not a decent princess Anyways, we made Princess Abigail (Daddy named her), picked her out a tiara, and decided Princess Abigail could borrow one of EG's pretty tutus her Aunt Lizzy made her : )

We forgot the camera, so I had to take pics with my phone. Which are always dark and blurry : (

Waiting to stuff her princess bear

Watching her princess bear get "stuffed"

Washing Princess Abigail : )

On Sunday, Mikey was off work so his Mommy treated us to a super yummy lunch at Carrabba's for his birthday! 

After lunch, we strolled around outside a bit to enjoy the nice pretty weather before Nana had to leave. 

Trying to figure out who is riding in her stroller with her, ha!

Sitting like a big girl!

We were sad to see Nana Coop leave so soon! The visits with grandparents are never long enough : ( Hopefully, we can visit both sets of grandparents SOON!

After Nana headed home, Ella Grace and I sat outside, enjoying the nice weather while Daddy finished up his project he's been working on.

We had a awesome weekend! And hope you all did too!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby Hands

Ella Grace's chubby little hands are just the sweetest things EVER to me! Those hands of hers are currently her bestest friends : ) She is so fascinated with them and they must taste yummy too because they are always in her mouth! I love holding her little hands and watching her explore everything these days that she can get those little chubby fingers on. She has been reaching for toys and things for a few weeks now, but everyday she seems to be more deliberate in what she is reaching for. Tonight, she did the sweetest thing! While I was rocking her to sleep, she spit out her paci, looked at me straight in the eyes and reached out for my cheek. She just keep reaching for and rubbing on my cheek and smiling at me. My heart just melted!!! That was one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt! Granted, I'm sure she was just trying to figure out how to get my  face to her mouth so she could eat everything she touches lately, but was still a super sweet moment for Mommy : ) We had an early tubby time tonight so I was just letting her play on the floor for a bit before feeding and bedtime. She was being so precious I just had to snap a couple, well quite a few pictures of her. Including those little hands in her mouth : )

LOVE the baby feet, too!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

28 Things


So last year I posted this list of things I love about my hubby for his 27th birthday. So, in honor of his 28th birthday TODAY I am adding #28 to the list!
 So here we are. 28 reasons why he makes me the happiest wife ever : )

1. You are the greatest husband I could EVER imagined being married to!
2. You love our little family and would choose nobody over us
3. You love and trust God!
4. You always take me to work and pick me up when you can just because you want to spend a few extra minutes with me : )
5. You do the dishes since I cook dinner! (Well, I help too...sometimes)
6. You are going to make an amazing Daddy someday (this as past year's reason, before EG)...okay so now you obviously ARE a Daddy : ) And the word amazing is an understatement! I could never have imagined the love you have for our baby! Best. Daddy. Ever.
7. I can be anywhere with you and still be the happiest girl alive : )
8. You make me strive to be a better person for you
9. You are a very determined individual...some would say "hard-headed", but we'll go with determined...
10.You put up with my reality TV addiction, ha! And even watch most of the shows with me : )
11. You always put me before yourself
12. You have such a soft spot in your heart that you show only to me
13. We have such an amazing bond between us!
14. You are my VERY best friend that I have EVER had!
15. You are a handy man and can accomplish pretty much anything project I throw at you : )
16. You love being a DIY-er with me!
17. You always keep my car filled with gas since you know I hate pumping it
18. You love my family just like your own and will always to anything to help them out
19. You totally adopted Toby and Ellie as your own and love and spoil them to pieces : )
20. You always encourage and support me in everything I set out to do
21. You understand my lack of a sense of direction and that I can't read a map, therefore you are always there to help me get to where I need to go, ha!
22. You totally understand and support my intense love for Alabama football : )
23. You don't play video games!!!
24. You completely "get" my sentimental way of thoroughly analyzing everything! And smile at me, even though I know you think I'm overboard at times
25. You always surprise me with the sweetest cards without any occasion, just because you love me : )
26. You like to keep our house clean!!!!! And help keep it that way : )
27. You promised to love, honor, and cherish me for the rest of our lives : )
28. When I returned to work from maternity leave (sad times!), you always put a shirt of mine in Ella Grace's crib when you put her to bed so my scent was close to her. That meant the whole world to me! Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

We had a great day today! Since we never have time together as a family (or husband and wife...) it was nice to just spend the day together doing anything! It was a beautiful day, so we just headed out to our outlet mall and did a little birthday shopping : ) Had dinner at our favorite restaurant and now we are gonna snuggle and watch a movie! And I'm fairly certain I'm gonna throw some birthday brownies in the oven. Yum! I can't wait! So, let me get off of here and head that way! 

Pictures from today of the birthday boy and his little princess : )

Happy Birthday Mikey! 
Your girls LOVE you TONS!!!