Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation: Day 2

So, our second day of vacation was super laid back. We didn't go to the beach this day because we all got so much sun the first day! The highlight of the second day is that Ella Grace went swimming for the first time!!! YAY : ) The first time we put her in the pool, we tried her float but she wasn't really having it. Then we just tried holding her ourselves. She liked that better, but she was still kinda fussy, but only because she was super duper sleepy since she hadn't napped yet. So, I fed her and then she passed out. At the pool.

Mikey and I just relaxed out by the pool for a couple of hours (which was nice because there isn't much time for us these days...) while EG took a good, long nap in her "baby tent." When she finally woke up, she was in a MUCH happier mood so we tried putting her in the pool again! This time she enjoyed it a lot more! So, here are pictures of Ella Grace's first time swimming : )

You can tell she was still trying to wake up in the first 3 pics...

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