Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

Sadly, my time as a stay-at-home Mommy has come to end...MUCH too quickly : ( So, as of tonight at 6:00 p.m. I will be leaving my precious baby girl and heading back to work [insert LOTS of tears]. As you may remember, I worked night shift for 3 years, finally making my way to a day shift position in January. I loved day shift, but after crying every.single.day. for two months straight (since the day we brought EG home) about having to leave her in daycare, Mikey and I decided it would be best for her (and me!) to keep her at home with us! So...you guessed it...I'm back to night shift.

While it is going to be a great challenge being a full-time working AND stay-at-home Mommy, it also brings me MUCH peace! Not to mention I got some great advice and encouragement from my fellow blogger From Mrs. to Mama who has experience in this same area! Also, I should note that I do not have anything against placing your child in daycare. Believe me, I completely understand there is no other options for lots of families, I just couldn't bear to think that someone else would be spending more time with my baby than me or her Daddy. Also, as I type this, I am realizing how thankful I should be that I have the option to work and keep Ella Grace at home! See, this is why I blog...it gets my feelings out in words and makes me reflect on myself. I digress...

While it is extremely hard for me to accept the fact that being a full-time SAMH just is not an option for me at this time, I am slightly comforted by the fact that the wonderful Lord above has me in this position for reason. While I, myself, cannot think of any better purpose for me than to stay home with my baby every day, He sees otherwise and who am I to question God? So, at 6:00 tonight, I will be leaving my baby girl to return to work. But...I will be leaving her with her Daddy and hopefully she will be sleeping pretty much the whole time I am gone.

So, with all this said, I am just hoping and praying for a smooth transition into this chapter of our family's lives. And, as always, this is just another part of "our beautiful journey" so I am trying to have a positive outlook on what lies ahead! I will keep you all updated on how this part of our journey goes. Prayers for all 3 of us tonight please : )

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