Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another First

Today was a really great day! Ella Grace experienced another "first" today! She went to church for the first time!!! We actually visited a new church today. I really LOVE the church we are members of. I grew up in that church and quickly returned there when we first moved back to Birmingham a few years ago. However, when we bought our house almost 2 years ago, we moved about 30 minutes away from church : ( We decided we would just keep driving to church on Sundays even though it was a little far, but now that we have Ella Grace, it is so much harder to get places on time. Also, Mikey works every other Sunday making it difficult to attend Sunday School, worship service and drive 30 minutes back home for him to make it to work. And frankly, I just do not think that is possible with having Ella Grace in the nursery now. So, we decided to visit a church that is only about half the distance away. We haven't made any decisions yet on transferring our membership, but we really enjoyed it there today! And I'm SO excited to go back next week : )

Ella Grace did GREAT in the nursery! The lady who worked in her room said she was an angel : ) This was also the first time we have left her with anyone, other than family. So, it was good for Mommy and Daddy too. I was a little nervous, but her Daddy was alot nervous, ha! When we got back to the nursery to pick her up she was just swinging away, watching all the other kids screaming, ha! Oh, I LOVE my little angel! I'm so happy she did so well in the church nursery on her first visit and hope she continues to!

Ella Grace's First Day at Church

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  1. Beautiful!! We are planning on going this Sunday, however, she probably wont go to the nursery, we will just have to sit close to a door!