Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2 Months Old!

 Ella Grace,

Mommy cannot believe you are already 2 months old! I wish so badly I could make time stand still so I would know I could sit and cuddle you forever! On the other hand, it is such a blessing and so fun and exciting to watch you grow and develop such a precious, curious personality : ) You mean the world to me and your Daddy. There is no way I could imagine our lives without you. I don't want you to grow up, but it is pretty awesome to watch you discover so many new things everyday. You are just the happiest little baby I know! You are always smiling and "cooing" with me and Daddy! You are such a blessing to us and we love you more than words could ever describe!

2 Month Stats

Weight: 11 pounds, 14 ounces! Up exactly 2 pounds since her previous doctor visit only 3 weeks before!

Length: 23 inches

Clothes size: 0-3 months and 3 months

Diaper size: Size 1

Daily routine: We still don't have a set-in-stone routine, but you usually wake up sometime between 4-7 a.m. to eat. Depending on how early you wake up to eat, you will either go right back to sleep for 2-3 hours or play for a little while then take your morning nap. This morning nap time is when Mommy is most productive, catching up on schoolwork and housework. After your morning nap, it's eating time again. Then playtime. You LOVE playing on your play mat, but you will definitely let Mommy know when you are tired of playing on it. You usually stay awake for a while around this time of day, playing or Mommy holding you while I try to accomplish whatever needs to be done at the time. After another feeding you will usually go down for another short afternoon nap. After your second nap, you will eat again then play in your swing or play mat until Daddy gets home from work if he's not working all night. If Daddy is home, you two will hang out while Mommy cooks dinner. After dinner, it's bath time! Then sometime between 7-9 p.m. it's one last feeding then night-night : )

Feeding: Every 3 hours during the day. About 6-8 hours at night.

Sleep: We have been very blessed when it comes to you sleeping. Although your naps during the day are much shorter, you are sleeping for a LONG time during the night : ) Usually around 8 hours, but sometimes as long as 10-12 hours!!!

Hair color: Brown and a whole lot LESS than last month : )

Eye color: Still too early to tell, but looks like maybe blue...which would be the only thing you get from your Mommy, if you get those...

Milestones:  You are almost completely supporting your head on your own! You have rolled over quite a few times from your stomach to your back, but you won't do it all the time. You are SO much more alert and involved with your surroundings! You "talk","coo", and squeal ALL the time when you are awake! You have the most PRECIOUS smile EVER and you are always smiling : ) You are also really grabbing at things now. Of course you can't grasp them yet (on purpose anyway...), but you sure do try your best!

Your favorite toy: You still LOVE your swing, but I'm gonna have to go with your play mat this month. You will "talk" to those animals and bat at them for an hour sometimes! You are SO fun to watch!

Firsts this month
  • First trip "out in the boondocks" to Nana & Papaw's in Paul, AL
  • First trip to Nana & Papa Coop's in Clarksville, TN
  • First trip to Uncle Matt & Aunt Liz's house in Clarksville, TN
  • First vacation to Destin, FL (yes...we've done LOTS of traveling this summer!)
  • First trip (of many!) to the beach
  • First time swimming! In the pool and the ocean : )
2 Month Pictures


  1. what a CUTIE PIE!!!!
    i have a 3 month old little guy! love following other momma blogs! :) new follower!

  2. Hi Annie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting : ) I just peeked around at your blog and I'm headed back that way! Love it so far! EG will actually be 3 months next week (a little behind on my blogging...) so our little ones are pretty close! I'm looking forward to reading more!