Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins

Ella Grace is SO blessed to have lots of family who love her very much! She has 3 aunts, 2 uncles, and 9 cousins : ) Last week her Aunt Liz, Uncle Matt, and cousins Connor and Carter came by to meet her! Matt is Mikey's twin brother. This is their first time being an aunt and uncle : ) EG was pretty good for them. She let them both hold her and only got fussy about the time they were leaving because she was hungry (what's new!?) Here are some pictures of them with EG, courtesy of her Aunt Liz : ) Thanks Lizzie!

Ella Grace & Aunt Liz

She is studying Aunt Lizzie : )

Uncle Matt & Ella Grace

Daddy, EG, Uncle Matt, & Connor

Mikey with Connor & Carter

Ha! This picture cracks me up! This is what happens with 2 men and 3 kids : ) Poor EG is trying to latch on to Uncle Matt! Ha! Actually, I guess I should say poor Matt...

And today, one of my sisters, Dareath, her husband, Jason, and their kids (well, all but one) dropped by to meet Ella Grace while they were passing through town. I am SO glad they came by to meet her! She was very good while they were here. She had just had a nap and eaten so she was wide awake and alert while they all got to hold her! I can't wait for EG to meet her Aunt Monica and the rest of her cousins, Hunter, Tyler and Grayson!

EG & her cousin Brendon

Cousin Hannah

Cousin Courtney

EG & her Uncle Jason

EG & Aunt Dareath

That is her other cousin Jayden. He was quite amazed by her! He was so cute, he just couldn't believe how little she was : )

After all her company today, she was worn out! I NEVER get tired of watching this sleeping beauty!!!

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