Friday, May 20, 2011

Ella Grace's Birth Story: Part 1

On May 11, 2011 Mikey and I headed out the door of our home for the very last time as a family of two. Bittersweet, but very exciting! We were headed to the hospital to prepare to meet our first child, our daughter, Ella Grace.

Leaving for the hospital

My emotions were running W-I-L-D!!! I was SO excitied to meet my baby girl, yet SO very nervous and I hate to admit it...but a little sad that Mikey and I would no longer be just us. I know that last sentence could be looked at in a negative way, but I am certainly not trying to give the idea that I was not completely blessed and incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to give birth to a healthy baby. I believe it's totally normal to have a little bit of sadness about losing the way of life that you have grown to know and love. I digress...

Anyway, we headed out the door, hit up the mall and grabbed dinner for the last time without our baby girl. I guess it is pretty safe to say we were a little over eager since we arrived at the hospital almost an hour early : ) Mikey unloaded all our stuff (see below) while I waited in the waiting area for my room to be ready.

He thought I packed too much (like always!)...I thought it was all totally necessary

We will finally have a little baby in this carseat : )

After about 30 minutes my room was finally ready. I was registered, paid our dues, and then changed and put on monitors. I had a balloon dilator put in to help me dilate overnight. So, basically I was in early labor all night. It wasn't too bad, just lots of cramping!

Night before she was born

Tired Daddy the night before she was born

At 3:00 a.m. my nurse woke me up to take a shower and get ready for our big day! After I showered, she started my IV and the pitocin. I started the morning dilated to 4cm. Everything went great for a while. I was having pretty strong contractions, but not even feeling them at this point. That tricked me into feeling very confident in myself...Soon after the pitocin was started the nurses changed shifts. I hate that because my night shift nurse was WAY better than the one I actually had that day. Oh well. Anyway, Dr. B came in to check on me about 6:00 a.m. and I was still at 4 cm. So, he told the nurse to bump up the pitocin. After she bumped it up a couple of times, that was all she wrote...I HAD to have an epidural (which I planned on anyway). For the 30 minutes I had severe contractions without ANY medication, I thought I might not be  able to do this, ha! I have SO much respect for women who give birth naturally...WOW! That's awesome, but NOT for me! So, in came the anesthesiologist...FINALLY! And it was smooth sailing from there. Until it was time to push...

Me and my Daddy (after the epidural...)

Feeling pretty good at this point...this was about 30 minutes before I started pushing. And yes, I am incredibly swollen!

It didn't take me long at all to dilate. I was ready to start pushing about 2 hours after I got the epidural. However, I had to push for 2 1/2 hours : ( But after those 2 1/2 exhausting hours, I gave birth the the most beautiful baby girl I've EVER seen! Stay tuned for Part 2...

Tears of joy as I watch and listen to the life I just brought into the world : )
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G feeling!


  1. can't wait to hear part 2! you looked wonderful!

  2. Beautiful story! Miss and Love you guys. Can't wait to meet my first niece!