Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ella Grace: One Day Old

First off, I just want to point out that I worked very, very hard at catching up and posting ALL my weekly pregnancy updates the night before I was going to the hospital. Then, I realized a couple of days ago that NONE of them posted...ugh!!! And worse than that...NONE of them were even saved...GRRR!!! So, since Ella Grace has a weekly pregnancy journal I wrote for her while I was pregnant, I will not be re-writing all of those posts! That would take forever and I am already super behind on posts of her.

So, he we go. Also, sorry but this blog is probably going to be mainly about my sweet girl. I can't help it. My world now revolves around her, at least for the next few months and plus she's just SO. DARN. PRECIOUS : )

Our first night in the hospital with her wasn't too bad. She did kinda have a temper the first couple of days when people messed with her. She was a perfect angel until someone unwrapped her for any reason. And of course, the nurses always seem to need her vital signs when she is quiet. She didn't sleep great the first night, but since she was nursing every 2 hours for like 40 minutes each time, I never slept anyway, ha! Her Daddy was such a great help! He was up all night with us and was always there to help with her...unless it involved a dirty diaper of course, ha!

The next day was good. She slept almost all day and then stayed awake that night. Papa and Nana Coop visited most of the day. She got held lots and ate lots : ) I dressed her up and took some pictures and then that afternoon they came to take her hospital pictures.

Here are some pictures from EG's first day in the world

Daddy's favorite outfit...wonder why ; )

LOVE these two more than I EVER knew I could!

He's SO proud!

Notice my change of outfits...I had my first blowout before this picture and pooped all over my other outfit, ha!

Looking at Mommy

Loves her Boppy

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  1. I'm so happy everything went well at the hospital and that you have a sweet baby girl! Enjoy this precious time because it seriously goes by in the blink of an eye! I'm SO happy for you guys!!