Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ella Grace: 5 days old

We came off the bili bed today!!!!!! She still had to spend most of the day on her bili bed until we heard from the nurse that afternoon, but the moment we got the word we rushed to take her off!!! And just hold and cuddle her : ) That evening Mommy and Daddy took her on her FIRST WALK : ) She did great! I think she really loves her carseat!

Ella Grace's First Walk 

Daddy thinks everybody needs cool shades : )

That night I finally inked up her little feet and put her footprints in her baby book...

Then it was time for her second bath! She liked it a little bit better than the first time : )

 Daddy enjoys getting me ready for bed after Mommy bathes me...and he's really good at it too!

He always turns on my iPod and sings to me while he dresses me : ) SO sweet!

Then we all lounged in bed...

Until I was sound asleep...

It was a GREAT day!

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