Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ella Grace: 4 days old

First, I want to put some of you at ease, because no I am not going to post an update for every day of EG's life : ) Just the first week...Actually, she is 2 weeks old today so as soon as I get caught up on my posts, I will go to weekly updates.

This post of her at 4 days old is pretty short and sweet. This was the second day she spent on the bili bed so we couldn't hold her much, take her out, or have a photo shoot or anything : ( However, we did cheat a little and took her off the lights for about an hour so she could visit her Nana and Papaw who dropped by to see her!

More pictures of her on the bili bed (just because she is TOO. DARN. CUTE!)

Still happy...even on her bili bed : )

Nana & Papaw visit...

Toby wanted some attention too, ha!

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