Friday, May 27, 2011

Pictures and Highlights from Week 1

For this post I wanted to just kinda sum up our first week with Ella Grace. This is mainly for us to be able to  look back on and remember how it was during our first week of parenthood. So, this will probably be very boring to everyone else.

Daddy got to spend the WHOLE first week at home with us!!! It was GREAT all being together this first week as a family and having his help! We slept late every morning, even though I'm not sure that counts when you are up and down all during the night : ) Either way, it was relaxing and nice to just be able to lay around as a new little family. I will cherish these first few days we spent together as a family FOREVER! I wish So, SO badly that we didn't have to work and it would NEVER have to end : (

 EG's first week we learned that overall, she is a great baby. She pretty much just eats, sleeps, and poops...just like she is suppose to! She LOVES to eat. She nurses every 2-3 hours which is pretty tiring but thankfully sleeps well between her feeds. She slept in her Pack-n-Play in our room this week. We really loved having her in room with us, but we knew that we couldn't let her stay in there forever. She also likes her swing where she usually hangs out while Mommy showers and such. When she gets upset (usually when she is getting changed) just turn on some music and she will calm right back down. I can tell that she loves music. I guess I got her used to that when we would play music for her while she was still in my belly. Daddy sings Rascal Flatts to her almost every night, and it just makes my heart melt! Nothing sweeter : )

A couple of lessons we learned this week...

1. Start preparing to leave the house about 4 hours before you actually have to leave. I had NO idea one little bitty person would require so much more time to get ready to leave the house. Then by the time I finally get ready to get out the door, it's time for her to eat again, ha!

2. Drive down our street VERY slowly. Our road has lots of bumps and dips in it. Well, Dad was driving a bit too quickly, hit a big dip, and up came EG's entire feeding! So, we turned around headed back to the house, changed her outfit, cleaned up her carseat and attempted our outing a second time.

Pictures taken over her first week...

Chillin in my pack-n-play

Hanging out in my boppy while Mommy blogs : )

First time with her mobile

Cute PJ hat!

First time sleeping in her big girl crib for the night

Thursday, May 26, 2011

1 Week Old!

Ella Grace's one week birthday was another pretty laid back day. She was scheduled to have her newborn portraits that afternoon so we just took it easy around the house. Daddy bathed her for the first time today and he did a great job! He just continues to suprise me with how awesome he is with his little girl : )

Relaxing in my swing and getting my beauty sleep in before my photo session...

Then, Daddy bathed me for the first time...

I did pretty well during my photo shoot, however I wanted to stay awake most of the time. And I peed on a couple of blankets and pooped in Mommy's fruit bowl, ha! I bet the pictures will still be adorable though : )

Some snapshots during the photo session...

After my modeling session I was pretty tired so I napped in my big girl crib for the first time...

Ella Grace: 6 days old

On Ella Grace's 6th day, it was beautiful outside! And we really needed groceries so we went on her first little "outing" I guess you could call it. We first had lunch at Chick-fil-A, then we went to Hobby Lobby. She was scheduled to have her newborn pictures the next day so we were searching for some picture props. Lastly, we went to Wal-Mart. She was a perfect angel the whole time!!! We never heard a peep from her : )

All dressed and ready to go out...

After we got back home, we all hung out in my room where I experienced my first "tummy time"

I am really, really strong!!! I can already lift my head and turn it from side to side! I'm also really good at scooting around like I'm trying to crawl!!!

And by the end of this big day, I was pretty tired! Can you tell?

Ella Grace: 5 days old

We came off the bili bed today!!!!!! She still had to spend most of the day on her bili bed until we heard from the nurse that afternoon, but the moment we got the word we rushed to take her off!!! And just hold and cuddle her : ) That evening Mommy and Daddy took her on her FIRST WALK : ) She did great! I think she really loves her carseat!

Ella Grace's First Walk 

Daddy thinks everybody needs cool shades : )

That night I finally inked up her little feet and put her footprints in her baby book...

Then it was time for her second bath! She liked it a little bit better than the first time : )

 Daddy enjoys getting me ready for bed after Mommy bathes me...and he's really good at it too!

He always turns on my iPod and sings to me while he dresses me : ) SO sweet!

Then we all lounged in bed...

Until I was sound asleep...

It was a GREAT day!

Ella Grace: 4 days old

First, I want to put some of you at ease, because no I am not going to post an update for every day of EG's life : ) Just the first week...Actually, she is 2 weeks old today so as soon as I get caught up on my posts, I will go to weekly updates.

This post of her at 4 days old is pretty short and sweet. This was the second day she spent on the bili bed so we couldn't hold her much, take her out, or have a photo shoot or anything : ( However, we did cheat a little and took her off the lights for about an hour so she could visit her Nana and Papaw who dropped by to see her!

More pictures of her on the bili bed (just because she is TOO. DARN. CUTE!)

Still happy...even on her bili bed : )

Nana & Papaw visit...

Toby wanted some attention too, ha!