Saturday, April 16, 2011

So what's been going on with us lately?

Well, we've been pretty busy in the Coop household over the last few weeks! I keep waiting on things to slooow down so I can be getting ready for Ella Grace's debut, but that just doesn't seem to be happening. The past few weeks have been lots of fun. I've had two baby showers, got to visit with both sides of the fam jam, bought Mikey a truck (FINALLY!!!), mostly finished up EG's nursery, washed all EG's bedding, blankets and clothes, and of course the always pending, never-ending schoolwork...ugh...

I didn't even realize how far behind I have gotten on my weekly preggo updates until a couple of days ago. I am planning to catch up on those next. Now that we have the baby showers and truck buying and such out of the way, I seriously hope to just R-E-L-A-X these next few weeks (eeek!) until our baby girl arrives. I just want to clean and organize the house, pack for the hospital, and maybe do a little spring planting : ) And oh yeah, hang out with Mikey...just us two, since before too long we will be a family of THREE!!! AHHHH!!! That is SO exciting, crazy, and scary to think about!

I have also made a couple of homemade things for Ella Grace's nursery this past week. I am definitely NO artist and they aren't the cutest items I've ever seen but they will do. I made her some book ends and also a hair bow holder : ) They are almost totally finished and when they are I will be sure to post pictures...along with pictures of her nursery! Well, I guess I will move on now and work on my pregnancy posts to get caught up on those. Just wanted you all to know, we are still alive and well and counting down the mere DAYS until we have a baby in our arms : )

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