Sunday, April 3, 2011

32 Weeks!

How far along? 32 weeks = 8 MONTHS!!!

Baby's size? As of last week. she is measuring 4 pounds, 9 ounces!!! And she should be around 16.7 inches long!

Weight Gain? 31 pounds

Maternity clothes? Oh, yes...of course

Stretch marks? None yet

Belly button in or out? A little in, a little out

Sleep? I've been sleeping pretty good, just not getting much of it : ( It's been a SUPER busy week!

Foods I am loving? Sweets! Unfortunately...but I haven't given in to the cravings too many times : )

Foods I am hating? Nothing that I didn't hate before

Best moment this week? My baby shower! I'm SO grateful for all the hardwork my family and friends went through for this special day for me!

Movement? For sure! She moves all day long now! and stretches out in any way possible!

Symptoms? Just really sore/stiff in the mornings, sore feet, and exhaustion...nothing bad at all : )

Gender? a Mommy's GIRL!

What I miss? Nothing!

What I'm looking forward to? My doctor's appointment later this week, completely finishing the nursery and just taking it easy these last few weeks!

Milestone: Being 8 months pregnant! What a true blessing!!!

Emotions: I've had a couple of moments of being emotional, but nothing major. And honestly, it was probably more from exhaustion than anything.

I never took any "32 week" pictures last week because I knew the shower was coming up, but then with all the craziness totally forgot to take one alone. Oh well, I just had to crop myself out for one. And, obviously, if you saw the last post...there are TONS of pictures of me looking all swollen and preggo from the shower : )

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