Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ella Grace's Baby Shower

This past Sunday, March 27, was Ella Grace's baby shower. My hubby, momma, momma-in-law, sister and sister-in-law worked SO very hard to make this day very special for me! And I am FOREVER grateful : ) Even though the turn-out was very small, I still had a wonderful time and EG was VERY blessed and received many, many gifts!!! Several of my very closet friends were able to make it which really made my day! We played funny games, ate yummy food and of course, opened lots of gifts! It was a very special day that I will always remember : )

These pictures are absolutely NOT flattering of me at all but I guess that's just what comes with being 8 months preggo : )

Ella Grace's great-grandmother Dolly, Aunt Liz, Nana Coop, Me (duh!), Tabetha, my Momma is hiding behind Tab and Aunt Dareath (my sis!)

Mommy & Daddy on baby shower day : )

Only about half the gifts : )

Jayden and Connor (2 of my nephews)...they were such sweet boys : )

Handsome & happy Daddy!

Me and my long-time bestie, Kacey


Me and grandmaw Dolly

Latonya, a good friend from work : ) She's expecting her 2nd little boy! But you can't even tell, she looks great!

My other long-time bestie, Tiffany!

This was our baby watermelon we dressed up, ha! People had to guess the watermelon baby's weight

Adorable diaper cake Aunt Lizzie made for Ella Grace

Wouldn't have survived nursing school without this girl! LOVE you Amy!!!

Me and my Momma

Sweet baby Carter playing with the balloons : )

My momma-in-law, EG's Nana Coop!

Aunt Lizzie and me

This is not even all her shower gifts...I ran out of room!!! What a VERY blessed little girl!

EG's tutus that her Aunt Liz made her! Adorable doesn't even cover it!

Quilts my momma made for EG

Her precious burp cloths from Aunt Liz and Latonya!!!

It was a wonderful shower and will always be a great memory : ) Another HUGE thank you to everybody who made it happen and came to shower me and Ella Grace!!!

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  1. Loove those quilts!! I hate putting my photos up too because pregnancy makes my face fat!! And why was Liz looking so tan!!! BOOO. Im glad you had a great shower.