Monday, March 7, 2011

28 Weeks!

This was totally suppose to post like 2 days ago as "scheduled." Ugh! Oh well...

So as you can see I have again fallen behind on my blogging...what's new, right!? In my defense, I was doing a little better until this past week. This last week has been super duper BUSY! Last weekend we drove a few hours away to visit my parents for the weekend before I need to stop my travels. Also, I was able to pick up some of EG's bedding my Momma made! YAY! I am going to post pictures, but I am trying to wait until I have everything on the crib...and I am still waiting for the crib "skirt."

Then, the week was filled with loads of tests for school...BOO for midterms! So, I had to ground myself from the computer...unless it involved school of course...So, here we are I am actually 29 weeks now but I am going to post the "28 week" post tonight and hopefully get up the "29 week" post in the next day or two.

How far along? 28 weeks!!! already!?!?!?

Baby's size? About 2 1/4 pounds and around 15 inches!

Weight Gain? Oh man...brace yourself for this ready?...31 (yes, I repeat 3-1) pounds!!!!! Yeap, I'm a fat Mommy!!!! I cannot believe it! I actually cried in the doctor's office! I tried really hard to eat healthier this last month or so and I still gained 9 pounds in 3 weeks!!!!!!! I almost "pleaded the 5th" with this question, but what the heck...I will lose it and it's totally worth it! Just wasn't expecting that much that quickly! And I still have 12 weeks left!!! I'm going ahead and expecting a 45-pound weight gain by her birthday : / Scary!

Maternity clothes? Sure thing! A few regular items mixed in, but not many...

Stretch marks? Not yet

Belly button in or out? In and out

Sleep? Great!

Foods I am loving? Sweets!!! This is so odd for me because I am not a person who cares much for sweets, but apparently Ella Grace is ; ) Oh yeah, and chinese food!

Foods I am hating? Nothing really

Best moment this week? Seeing Ella Grace in 4-D!!! Although she didn't really cooperate...

Movement? Oh yes! This sister can flip around like crazy!

Symptoms? Just a little sore at times, and my feet were a little swollen a couple of days, but they are better now.

Gender? GIRL!

What I miss? Nothing!

What I'm looking forward to? Getting another 4-D ultrasound in two weeks, ha!

Emotions: HAPPY!!!!

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  1. Stumbled across your blog and love it! Just wanted to introduce myself! Im Jenny!

    Congratulations on the baby!