Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ella Grace's Baby Shower

This past Sunday, March 27, was Ella Grace's baby shower. My hubby, momma, momma-in-law, sister and sister-in-law worked SO very hard to make this day very special for me! And I am FOREVER grateful : ) Even though the turn-out was very small, I still had a wonderful time and EG was VERY blessed and received many, many gifts!!! Several of my very closet friends were able to make it which really made my day! We played funny games, ate yummy food and of course, opened lots of gifts! It was a very special day that I will always remember : )

These pictures are absolutely NOT flattering of me at all but I guess that's just what comes with being 8 months preggo : )

Ella Grace's great-grandmother Dolly, Aunt Liz, Nana Coop, Me (duh!), Tabetha, my Momma is hiding behind Tab and Aunt Dareath (my sis!)

Mommy & Daddy on baby shower day : )

Only about half the gifts : )

Jayden and Connor (2 of my nephews)...they were such sweet boys : )

Handsome & happy Daddy!

Me and my long-time bestie, Kacey


Me and grandmaw Dolly

Latonya, a good friend from work : ) She's expecting her 2nd little boy! But you can't even tell, she looks great!

My other long-time bestie, Tiffany!

This was our baby watermelon we dressed up, ha! People had to guess the watermelon baby's weight

Adorable diaper cake Aunt Lizzie made for Ella Grace

Wouldn't have survived nursing school without this girl! LOVE you Amy!!!

Me and my Momma

Sweet baby Carter playing with the balloons : )

My momma-in-law, EG's Nana Coop!

Aunt Lizzie and me

This is not even all her shower gifts...I ran out of room!!! What a VERY blessed little girl!

EG's tutus that her Aunt Liz made her! Adorable doesn't even cover it!

Quilts my momma made for EG

Her precious burp cloths from Aunt Liz and Latonya!!!

It was a wonderful shower and will always be a great memory : ) Another HUGE thank you to everybody who made it happen and came to shower me and Ella Grace!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

4-D Ultrasound Pictures!

I guess the 3rd time really is a charm! And so is getting an awesome ultrasound tech who is willing to take all the time it takes to see your baby! I guess I might be a little partial, but I think our baby girl is beautiful! See for yourself...

I am just absolutely in LOVE with those sweet lips : )

She always has those hands in her mouth! Looks like she is posing in this one with her hand below her chin : )

Apparently her and the placenta are big buddies...she stays snuggled up to it.

31 Weeks!

How far along? 31 weeks : )

Baby's size? Well, according to the articles and books, she should way around 3.3 pounds and be about 16 inches long. However...today she measured 4 pounds, 9 ounces!!!! I almost fell off the ultrasound chair! This girl is going to be H-U-G-E! I had a feeling I was going to have a big baby, but not a 9 pound baby! At least I feel much better about gaining so much weight now, ha!

Weight Gain? 31 pounds

Maternity clothes? Sure thing!

Stretch marks? None yet

Belly button in or out? In sometimes, out others

Sleep? Pretty good this past week

Foods I am loving? Tomatoes! Chocolate milk! And sweets!

Foods I am hating? Nada

Best moment this week? Our 4-D ultrasound! Ella Grace was much more cooperative this time and she is SO beautiful! I enjoyed it SO much!

Movement? I think Ella Grace is a big yoga fan! That's what it feels like anyway! She's not too bad about hard kicks and jabs (yet...) but this chick stretches ALL. THE. TIME. I've noticed this past week, that she hasn't had the active "periods" like she used to. She's just moving ALL day long : )

Symptoms? REALLY sore feet!!!!

Gender? GIRL!

What I miss? NOTHING!

What I'm looking forward to? My baby shower this weekend : )

Emotions: GREAT!!!

Ella Grace's 4-D picutres to follow!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...

that we have for Ella Grace!

I just thought I would share with you all some of my favorite items we have either bought or been given for our sweet baby girl : )

First...in no particular order...

This is Ella Grace's first stuffed animal : ) Her Daddy and I made it for her at Build-A-Bear the same day we found out that we were having a GIRL! I had the shirt monogrammed with her initials but you can't really see it in the picture.


This is a picture frame that her Daddy made! This is NOT a good picture of it. I had to use my camera on "auto" because I took these pictures at night so the color is waaay off (obviously, since her green walls look gray), but you can still see how adorable it is! And it is going to look SO stinking cute with her newborn picture in it. I will definitely take some better pictures of it later to show it off!


My Momma bought this for EG a few months ago. I love the passage on it and it matches her room perfectly : )


This is her scrapbook that I am making for her. I just think it is too adorable! And again, matches her room perfectly!


Her first bikini...need I say more!?


Her Fuzzi Buns! These things are adorable!!! I can't wait to buy more colors, but I'm gonna make sure we master the cloth diapering before investing too much

And last, but NOT least

Ella Grace's very own Coach diaper bag! Although Mommy will enjoy this too! I have always wanted a Coach bag but could never bring myself to spend that much money on a purse. Well, good thing Mikey took me to the store and basically forced me, you know with lots of arm twisting and persuasion, to pick one out! And I LOVE it! I even scored the matching wallet too! Woo to the Hoo! Thank goodness for outlet stores and sales! Can I get an Amen!?

Well, there you have it. Just a few cute items for our precious girl! Of course I have lots more to show, but I am trying to wait until we get everything in the nursery totally finished before sharing. That way, I don't keep posting the nursery over and over.

We are going to try the 4-D ultrasound for a 3rd time in the morning! Wish us luck! Hopefully EG will be in a good mood and show us her face!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby Shower Invitation

I've been wanting to post a picture of Ella Grace's adorable baby shower invitations, but of course I wanted them to be mailed out first. I can't believe my baby shower is only 1 1/2 weeks away!!! I'm SO excited : ) So here is what her invitation looks like...it is even cuter in person because it is printed on shimmering paper! LOVE it! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Weeks!

How far along? 30 Weeks! I can't believe I am in the last 10 weeks!!!! Holy Moly!!!

Baby's size? She is about 3 pounds and 15 1/2 inches long now!

Weight Gain? I am SO pleased to annouce that I finally had an OB visit where I didn't gain any weight! Hallelujah!!!! So, I am still at 31 pounds for total weight gain so far.

Maternity clothes? Yeah. I can wear a couple of regular shirts, but that's it. I sleep in my regular PJ pants but I love wearing Mikey's tshirts to sleep in so I have room to move around : )

Stretch marks? Still waiting on them...I know they're coming...

Belly button in or out? Still both but definitely out more than it was

Sleep? Not so great this week : (

Foods I am loving? Nothing too much in particular but I have wanted ice cream/milkshakes a couple of times this week...completely out of the ordinary for me!!! Those just aren't my things...usually...

Foods I am hating? Nothing

Best moment this week? Seeing Ella Grace in 4-D again! Although, again she did not cooperate! That little stubborn princess...The ultrasound tech did say she could see a little hair on the back of her head : ) That's good! I'm hoping she comes out with a head full like her Daddy, not a bald head like me, ha!

Movement? SO much flipping going on in there. I did notice this past week that I kinda get a little freaked out when I realize she hasn't moved around in a while.

Symptoms? I have definitely been a little "under the weather" this week. I've been so nauseated and sick the past several mornings. I just plain don't feel good : ( I'm really hoping its just a "bug" passing through because I am beginning to get worried my morning sickness is returning : / and NESTING!!! O.M.G. It has hit me like a tons of bricks! I am SO anxious about getting EVERYTHING cleaned, organized, put together, thrown out, perfect...before she arrives! Somebody help, I think I might spiral out of control soon, ha! The only thing holding me back is tons of school work I have to get finished in the coming weeks in case she decides to arrive early...

Gender? a little girl! Ella Grace!

What I miss? Not really anything. Sometimes, I do wish I could lay on my tummy, but hey, I think I can deal with that!

What I'm looking forward to? Getting everything around the house in order in the next few weeks : ) And seeing EG in 4-D yet a 3rd time next week : )

Milestone: Making it into the "30s"

Emotions: GREAT! just stressing about getting everything in order!

WARNING: These pictures are horrible, I repeat horrible of me! And, yes I am wearing the same shirt I wore in my "28 week" pics. Don't judge, I have slim pickings in my closet these days : )