Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrating My Valentine 2011

We had to celebrate Valentine's Day this past Friday because Mikey is working tonight (Monday night) : (    I don't mind so much not "celebrating" Valentine's tonight, but being at home all alone tonight is pretty lonely and frankly, it stinks! Oh well, things could be a lot worse I know. Anyways, Friday night we went to dinner at Firebirds, a restaurant we have been wanting to try for a long time. It was really good and the atmosphere was nice too! Of course Mikey gave me an awesomely sweet card, as he always does, and snuck some absolutely gorgeous diamond earrings on the table while I was reading my card! He spoils me SO badly! We just spent the rest of the night hanging out and relaxing together : )

Today, on Valentine's Day I had to work of course and Mikey has to work until 9 tonight so we only got to have a quick afternoon snack together while he came home on his break. As if the earrings weren't enough, he brought me home some pretty roses, a new adorable mug ( i LOVE mugs!), and another super sweet card. Ella Grace and I are such a lucky girls! She has no idea what an amazing Daddy she has, and how spoiled rotten she is going to be!

Not pictured: my earrings because they are too busy being worn : )

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  1. Firebird's is our ALL TIME favorite. We go at least once a month. And we celebrated Valentine's Day there on Saturday night! :)