Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover Complete...

So what if it's 6 months later!

You might remember THIS POST from back in April. We painted the laundry room, added some cabinets and a rug. All I was missing was these...

By the way, please take notice of the empty laundry basket in the floor! It's been months since I had NO laundry and I feel the need to point that out : )

It's hard to get a good picture of this entire room. So here are a couple of more views...

That's right...I finally got my new washer and dryer : ) : ) : ) And I LOVE them!!! I just can't get over how MUCH you can put in these things! It's amazing! I am SO proud of us too, because we looked and researched for months. We knew exactly what we wanted and here's the REALLY important part...we SAVED the money for them and they are paid for!!! WOO HOO!!!

I did have to be patient and put up with the old, small, leaky and slightly smelly washer for a while longer than I would have liked, but it was totally worth it! We got a great deal on the exact washer and dryer I wanted, half off the pedestals, AND...we are getting a $100 rebate in the mail : ) I just realized that with the rebate and the cash we sold the old set for, that paid for the pedestals! Yeap, I'm giving us a big pat on our backs!

Anyways, so my laundry room is now complete. I originally wanted to install cabinets about the washer and dryer, but since I can't even reach above the washer and dryer that would be pretty pointless, huh? I am SO thankful I can wash our king size comforter at home now and I know this extra large size will definitely come in handy say about May...when our baby girl arrives : )

I had 3 major items on my wishlist for the house:

1. Hardwood floors...Check!
2. Washer and Dryer...Check!
3. Granite countertops...no check...but that's okay 2 out of 3 in less than a year is pretty darn good to me. Not to mention, most of our time, money, and energy was spend on the outside of the house when we first moved (storage building, fence, etc...) Unfortunately the granite will probably be a while because we have a NURSERY to focus on : ) And I couldn't be happier about that!

Stay tuned. Soon, in honor of closing on our house 1 year ago, I will be posting about all our DIY improvements...with pictures!