Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Fabulous Weekend Getaway: Day 1...continued

Okay, here we are again. Now that I have shared our super exciting news HERE and started my weekly updates, we shall continue the posts on our trip to Ellijay, Ga, that I started last weekend! So, lets's go back to the first afternoon we spent there. You can catch up HERE if you missed the first post.

After our scenic ride with the dogs and deer, we finally found a little park by the river. We just let the dogs run around a bit and snapped these pictures on the swinging bridge...

I love this one : )

Toby was too busy exploring and smelling everything to have his picture taken, ha

There was a wedding about to start in this park, so we relocated to another area where we took these pictures...

Ellie giving kisses : )

"Take 2" for our family photo

That concludes Day 1 in Ellijay, GA! The rest of the evening was spent eating, relaxing, and enjoying the hot tub at our cabin in the mountains!