Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Goals

In honor of the new month, I am setting some small, personal goals for myself! I love fresh, new starts...can you tell? Ha! And we are beginning with...

1. RELAX! I am going to sloooooow down on my days off. I try to pack one billion things into my "off" days which, in the end, leaves me with no "off" days at all. Must improve upon.

2. Take lots MORE pictures! I have learned a teeny tiny bit more about my camera and I need to put it to good use! Plus, if I get really good, maybe I can talk Mikey into buying me the new lens I want (wink, wink : )

3. Spend TONS of time OUTSIDE!!! I really have a very hard time choosing a favorite season because I love them all for different reasons. But, I guess if someone forced me to choose, it would have to be fall. So, I am totally pumped the upcoming weather and plan to make the most of it. I am picturing lots of trips downtown and to the park with the pups : )

4. Blog more! I have done a terrible job keeping my blog updated in the last month, but I am going to do better. I promise.

5. Read at least one good book! For enjoyment that is. Research, statistics or nursing books cannot be included in this goal!

I think 5 goals is enough for one month. Ready, set, go!